Improved Winterhome law and tech order

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Building from my original post (, I've been able to test some suggestions provided in comments as well as some of my own ideas. Below is the result of that testing.


1. Radical Treatment

2. Overcrowding

4. Extended Shift

5. Organ Transplants

6. House of Prayer

7. Evening Prayers

8. Temple

9. Shrines

11. Prosthetics

12. Faith Keepers

13. House of Healing

15. Protector of the Truth


1. Faster Gathering

2. Steam Steelworks

3. Flying Hunters

4. Difference Engine

5. Advanced Steelworks

6. Flying Hunter's Gear

7. Hunting Tactics

8. Factory

9. See notes

It's possible to take emergency and extended shifts before passing any faith laws. This is a huge boost to production. It's also possible to succeed without any coal upgrades (even without extended shifts), which streamlines the tech path; previously, I had researched Steam Coal Thumper. More Scouts is optional–I prefer it in order to speed up collection of steam cores, the initial four of which are completely tied up in 1 wall drill and 3 coal mines. Ramping up to a maximum of four Coal Thumpers seems optimal.

I'll need to do some further testing on the optimal research path beyond Advanced Steelworks. Right now, my top candidate is Hunter's Tactics to free up some workers. I'll edit this post after further testing.


EDIT: By the time you finish researching the factory (which should produce 2 automatons for night-shifts at the steelworks), it should be smooth sailing. I had at least 6 workshops (the second of which were been built on day 2 or 3), so research speed was fairly fast. The remaining techs were (in a rough order) Improved Heaters, Heater Efficiency Upgrade, Resource Depot Upgrade, House Redesign, Healthcare Insulation I, House Insulation, Cookhouse Insulation, Faster Outpost Teams. Not to mention Repair Station Efficiency (1, 2, & 3) and Optimized Shifts. I didn't bother with the Emergency Repair techs. Pro tip: the repair station can benefit from a shrine.

Read:  Well, i just came out of a 7 hour Frostpunk trance.

I sent scouts to Snow Cliff -> Freshwater Springs -> Dreadnought -> home. This provided some much needed early food. Then I sent them all the way up to Storm Shelter for the engineers, switching the outpost depot to steel very soon after the location was discovered. After that, I collected steel and steam cores along the Mass Grave/Abandon Trailer path before sending them to the Weather Station to retrieve the second set of engineers.

I was able to complete a no-scripted-death, fully upgraded dreadnought survivor run with this strategy. Let me know if you have questions.

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