Introducing Link Flairs!

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Hello there dear community, hope you had a great weekend!

Some of you probably already noticed the addition of Link Flair on the subreddit.

If you are not familar with Link Flairs, i will explain below their use:

Links flair are the colorful text boxes next to post titles that distingush what type of post you are looking at, such as a discussion, a suggestion or even fan made content. A Link Flair is useful because it helps you find the content you are looking for more easily and categorize your submission. Filters allow users to sort out posts by flair, changing the viewable posts in your subreddit and will come handy to everyone.

With the above Link Flair implementation, you no longer need to tag your posts by adding "" or "" to the beginning of our posts. To assign link flair to your posts, you must first submit your post, and afterwards you will see a button called "flair" underneath the body of your post, which will open up the options for setting your Link Flair.

Below you will see all the available Link Flairs along with their descriptions!

  • Spoiler


    Flair for spoilers from the future expansions, unreleased content, etc..

  • Funny

    Flair for non-serious videos, images or quality shitposts.

  • Discussion

    Flair for serious discussions about gameplay, meta, strategy and other general topics.

  • Suggestion

    Flair for suggestions and ideas regarding Frostpunk

  • Advice

    Flair for submitting topics in which you require advice from other people.

  • Appreciation

    Flair for showing your love and appreciation towards Frostpunk or 11Bit Studios.

If you have any suggestions, criticisms, or opinions about our implementation of Link Flairs, we will love to hear them!

We strive to make this subreddit better each day and hope that this shows it! Enjoy the game, everybody!

Best Regards, CookiesChef

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