I’ve just beat Last Autumn and I was surprisingly good (or it was surprisingly easy)?

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So, I spent the last week playing the free scenarios. After finishing Winterhome (by far the hardest for me), I bought the season pass and played all through Last Autumn just yesterday.

I was hoping it would have at least the same difficulty as Winterhome, by what I saw on reviews, but it seemed much easier? But don't take it as an insult to the scenario. I loved it! I'm not the kind of player to complain about the difficulty (if I do that, I'm complaining about being too hard lol). This time, I felt proud of myself because it's probably a consequence of the knowledge acquired by playing the free scenarios.In TL;DR: Motivation high bonus from early on until almost end of Generator construction. 10 days ahead of schedule. Chose to remove Militia despite the Motivation fall, and had enough resources to survive the 7d12h without any real effort. 2 deaths, both by events. In the first playthrough.

So, how hard was The last Autumn for you guys?

The long and detailed highlights of my playthrough:

  1. I had Motivation high since early, with Chapel, and advanced through the Researches quite fast (I only got 1 warning about too much extended shifts on Workshops (and accepted the demand), whereas in new Home I got so much more than that).
  2. I was constantly 4-5 days ahead of milestones. In the 3rd, I realized you could see the resources needed for the next milestones through the UI. So, when the 4rd came, I was ready already. THEN, when the 4rd was like 60% done, I remembered of the boost effect given by those Steam Exchangers, used it once, and the game said I got 10 days ahead of schedule.
  3. The most interesting thing in my playthrough, though, was that I needed to deal with a huge Motivation downfall (that I never got high enough again) for moral beliefs. I installed the Militia and found out they're were not going to do the things peacefully, as I imagined. They killed 1 engineer (I assumed the hanged engineer found dead in the morning was their doing, despite now reminding that it was probably just because of Abolition of Privileges?). That was my 1st death in the playthrough, by the way (I got upset, I thought I was going to finally do a no-death playthrough). Not only that, they got into an event on whether they killed all engineers, or I sign the TERROR law. So I accepted the law demand, but didn't fulfil it. Instead, I disabled the Militia building by removing all workers from there (because you can't dismantle it). In the moment I did that, my Motivation fell below the 30% bonus (is good to say I didn't need it in the first place to have it higher than 30%, the Militia was active for only 3 days, I think). I never got it back that high. It was as high as almost achieving the bonus, but not higher than that all through the end.
  4. So, when the task to survive until the icebreaker came, I had ALL the resources needed to survive through 7d12h. The only meaningful thing I did was build a lot of Workshops to put everyone free working in the 3 generator's upgrades. And that was it. Once finished it, I deactivated all working buildings and fast-forwarded until the end of the game, just pausing to put braisers and Infirmaries when the temperature fell. The food rations went to 0 on the day the icebreakers came.

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