Just finished first playthrough! (New Home)

frostpunk 3 - Just finished first playthrough! (New Home)

First off, i love strategy games but have never played many city builder/sims let alone city survival games. Frostpunk just had something that really intrigued me so i snagged it on sale and HOLY SHIT did i get addicted fast. I havent watched gameplay and know only that its cold as fuck and child labor). Over my recent 4 day weekend all i did was play Frostpunk and finished the main scenario. Restarted once after i quickly realized that those coal/wood/steel piles arent coming back. Okay, got it, started fresh. I want to say it mostly went pretty fine, without too much struggle. I tried my hardest to be a people pleaser. No child labor. I had Soup Law, extended/24 hour shifts that i used sparingly (until the end). I had no automatons, no coal thumpers, ~4 or 5 Steam Hubs, and no steam steal mines. Ended up choosing Order. Was able to get the Londoners down to <18 before they left. Saved as many refugees as i could, but towards the end had to select "only the healthy" and left a bunch of kid refugees to die because no way am i making another shelter right now. There was a time where i had max hope and reeeeaaally low discontent but not completely. Things were going okay but jesus the ending was stressful as hell. The temp was getting lower every few days, barely making enough coal as it is, neglecting upgrading generator before others. I didnt hit lvl 4 gen until around the last leg. During the drops i was turning off/on lvl2-3 and lvl2-3 ranges to keep people warm and dropping it when coal was low. Then i see the dreaded storm coming… Minus 3 more levels HOW CAN IT GET COLDER. This is it, i thought, i can see my end there is no way i can make through this. Probably 12 hours before the storm i was out of everything. No more coal to keep pumping, no more food, everything stops. My generator was shutting off and i sat back watching everything crumble,everyone freezing, the number for sick and hungry was equal to my whole population….but then.. WE SURVIVED. I was expecting a game over, my generator was off for maybe a handful of in game hours before the end and i somehow MADE IT. I thought the storm would go one for well over a week but it was really more like "hold off this -150C for afew hours". I want to say i had somewhere between 350-400 people, and survived with ~260. Coming from no tips or knowledge im pretty proud of myself, even though i feel like i limped towards the finish line and fell over with my finger barely crossing it. What a great game and im excited to play that scenario again along with the others.


I just started Last Autumn and im having a much tougher time. I have restarted it maybe 5 times now averaging day 14 and just recently quit at 25 because theres no way i can meet the deadlines and keep steady supply. I absolutely love the atmosphere and scenario (more than the main). I love the alpine tundra landscape, building this new generator unbenownst to the workers that it will protect them from whats to come. But man, im struggling. After 5 restarts i just cant seem to help but fall way behind. On my last run i got the first leg done 2 days ahead schedule, but it all fell down fast on leg 2 where i fell 4 days behind with the goals not finished yet. I can breeze through the set up stages fairly well. Have lots of coal/wood/food/people up until starting the generator build. Anyone have tips on approching this scenario? Should i try another easier one first? How were your first runs of New Home?

Also i had a frustrating bug my last run. I had cathedrals and labor unions. At one point while building 2 of the 3 generator parts for leg 2, my workers went on strike calling for removing churches. So i agreed and immediately got rid of them… But the strike was still going. Still saying "end churches" when there are no more, my only option was so end work for 24 hours. Immediately after my foundry did the same exact thing. No churches but they were still asking for no more. Already way behind, having another day of no work was game over. Pretty frustrating.

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