Laws You’ve Never Taken?

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I love Frostpunk, and one of the things I love is all the choices it makes you pick through, balancing pragmatism with idealism and long-term preparation with short-term problem solving. But in the Book of Laws, a number of policies that can be enacted are either subpar compared to their alternative choice or so terrible on their own I never pick them. Those are (to me):

  • Dueling Law: No joke, I started losing two people A DAY when I enacted it. The decrease in discontent is just not worth it.

  • Food Additives: Oh, so I can choose to increase my discontent, OR pick an option where my people get sick. Well, that's hardly a choice, considering it's cold enough for our eyes to freeze in our skulls and we don't have a lot of doctors.

  • House of Pleasure: Depressing, and again my discontent was never THAT bad.

  • Alternative Food Sources: I didn't even know this EXISTED until I played on Hard. Even then, it was too late for me to feed my people with it, so hardly worth it.

  • Double Rations for the Ill: If I didn't have to choose Overcrowding over this, I'd probably take it truth be told. But Overcrowding is far too powerful for me to pick the other.

  • Sustain Life: On the surface, the choices aren't too bad. Radical Treatment is risky, yes, and amputees are dead-weight. However, with prosthetics being relatively easy to make, Sustain Life just isn't as valuable, and occupies valuable Infirmary space.

  • New Faith/New Order: I was always a Faith player, but even I saw that picking the final law in the Faith tree is a one-way ticket to losing a ton of people.

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