Layout planning guide w/ detailed building size resolution

porosenok po prozvischu hitrjushka 1024x576 - Layout planning guide w/ detailed building size resolution

tl;dr going at the top, yes this is another space saving build posts. I was following someone elses layout and someone else asked me for work in progress pictures, it inspired a post in itself because I wanted to do it right.

After being inspired to try a Done.

From here it's just a matter of cloning these steps to fill it out like the picture and start replacing the snow pits with the correct buildings if you're following the layout by u/tachau88. They did an amazing job planning it, it looks awesome when it's done even if I didn't figure everything out at first. I have a few blank spots for housing because I realized a little too late it was the outer rings of buildings causing the sizing issues.

Things of note:

  • 75 houses = 750 Residents
  • 4 Infirmary & 2 Medical Post = 50 sick beds without overcrowding. Houses can be replaced with Medical Posts if you have an excess of housing and surplus of sick.

Thanks for the great game 11bit! Could you put it on your radar to simplify this process by either making this building behavior consistent without workarounds or give us some contextual keyboard hotkeys depending on what menu we have open? Use number to select which building tree and letter shortcuts for buildings. Same for pausing and deleting a building under construction instead of having to click for everything.

Oh, could we also get a "Blank Block" that has no cost like snow pit? Snow pit works, but after you pause so many you get a noticeable amount of screen clutter. Having a block you don't have to pause and wouldn't require any workers would be a boon.

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