Main scenario. No adaptation laws, no deaths, all survived, no hunters abuse.

Frostpunk screen 1024x576 - Main scenario. No adaptation laws, no deaths, all survived, no hunters abuse.

The main problem without laws it is corpses.

One corpse – you fail.

One early heavy sick – you got corpse.

Any kill – also corpse

Another source of corpse is amputee-suicider.

(But amputee that apears becouse of automatons is save)

My science list:

  1. Beacon

  2. Steam hub

  3. Coal thumper

  4. Generator power update

  5. Hunters Gear

  6. Drawing Boards

  7. More scoutes

  8. Steelworks

  9. Wall Drill

The main problem is first cold wave.

I used next strategy

First day:

8 mens to coal

15 to iron

5 engineers – idle

other guys – wood.

before 10:00 you have resources for first workshop.

Build workshop outside first radius.

You can finish first day with more than 35% of beacon.

Also after workshop move guys from iron gathering to wood.

At evening build medical post and tents.

Important note: generator must work during evening and night

but during day – turn it off.

Second day:

still 8 mens on coal.

calculate to have 35 iron in evening.

all other mans on wood gathering.

You will spend most of you resources for first scouts.

Send it to Lost expedition


You still have no cookhouse.

Third day:

It is most complicated day.

You need to have coal for one additional day..

You need 30 iron (for steam hub and two gathering post)

And sure you need a lot of wood for houses and cookhouse.

You got refugees before cold wave. Use it to get more coal.

First steam hub must to handle new tents, coockhouse, your workshop (and one more workshop in future), coal thumper and two gathering posts.

You need to build this steam hub before cold wave.

Send scoutes to Sturdy shelter.

Tips to survive first coldwave:

Use overdrive (it didn't require more coal)

Do not gather resources more than 2 hours outside warm zone.

Another tips:

Wall Drill is for automaton. Sync this. (one is enough)

Don't forget rebuild buildings at first steam hub (to make time specialization)

You don't need Generator range updates, Coal mining, Sawmil, Charcoal Kiln.

Abuse overdrive.

Heater only for Infirmaries during shtorm.

Discipline is sucks.

Use save/load to get luck with bears and Teslagrad.

Try to play without adaptation laws. It is really hard.

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