Meet my first city in serenity mode

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I have to say, this game thrives in the scenarios that put tough decisions on you that always make you veer off your ideal situation. Having said that, it was nice to finally build that city I would have made.. if only they gave me a little more time.

Meet Firelight.

I managed to get all the researches done and with resources not a problem, heating is at a premium.

Although the steam mines meet all needs, word says another city fell after a storm collapsed the mines. So the 'old thumper' stands dormant, a backup.

The citizens idle in the streets, proud of the engineers creations, working tirelessly to keep the city running.


The city is set up with a central municipal district, surrounded by 7 residential districts, each serviced by a church, a healing house, a few child shelters and a field kitchen – all managed by the faithful. Each district has shrines at their entrances.

The municipal district, with its open plazas and greenhouses are also the location for the factory, temple, archives, cookhouse and the automated infirmary. The beacon lies behind the main supplies.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. I'd have taken ansel – but on this PC I have a potato graphics card :p

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