Mod Idea/Suggestion to Developers: Steam Core Research and Manufacturing

Frostpunk screen 1024x576 - Mod Idea/Suggestion to Developers: Steam Core Research and Manufacturing

This is primarily a Suggestion to 11Bit Studios, the Developers of Frostpunk, but if they do not take up this idea I would like the future Frostpunk Mod Community to be inspired by this idea and hopefully make it into a mod.

Steam Cores, according to Frostpunk Lore; Steam Cores are pieces of highly advanced piece of steampunk technology which allows you to build highly advanced steam-powered machinery and everyone favorite towering behemoth of steal and gears the Automaton.

If, and that a big IF, the 11Bit Studios is going to add an Endless/Sandbox Mod into the game, I can see Steam Core to become a huge problem. First of all, Steam Core are very rare and limited resource, which can only be found by our Scouts as they explore the Frostlands or from an Outpost that similar to Tesla City. When you have explored entire map and not find a Tesla City-like Outpost, then what. You literally hit brick wall as without any more Steam Cores you can’t developed your city any further.

So my suggestion is simple one, allow our to research how to make more Steam Cores on our own.

For example: Factory (T2) > Advanced Factory (T4) > Steam Core Manufacturing (T5)


If we want to manufacture our own Steam Cores we first need research both Drafting Machines (T2) and the Factory. Then you have to unlock Difference Engine (T4), and research the upgraded version of the Factory, which we shall call the Advanced Factory. The Advanced Factory is a building like Factory, which like the resource buildings or shelter buildings you can be built on their own or use to upgrade existing one.

Advanced Factory is better insulated against the cold and allows your Engineers to make Prosthetics and Automatons 15% or 25% faster.

After you have researched Advanced Factory, you than have to first unlock Automatic Prototyping (T5) before you can research Steam Core Manufacturing, which unlock new building option for Steam Cores within the Advanced Factory. I don’t know how much the cost of producing a Steam Core must be, but it has to be expensive, but not too expensive. How about to 600 Coal, 600 Wood and 600 Steal to manufacture 1 Steam Core?

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