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So, I think that Emergency Shift doesn't have enough downsides. There is currently only one scripted death event, which won't ever repeat itself. I think that there should be a negative event every 2-3 times it's used (regardless of how warm or cold the building is).

Here are some ideas:

  • Heart Attack: One worker dies; choice to cancel emergency shifts for slight hope recovery (basically the current event)

  • Caught in Machinery: One worker is crippled; choise to cancel emergency shifts for discontent reduction

  • Exhaustion: choice to either pay 10 food rations, or reduce efficiency by 20% for 24 hours.

  • Black Lung: (coal-producing buildings only) one or more workers become gravely ill

  • Contamination: (cookhouse only) some random people get sick (food poisoning). Choice to either destroy some rations (increasing discontent) or let more people get sick (also increasing discontent).

  • Laboratory Fire: (workshop only) choice to either evacuate the engineers and let their work burn (lose all progress on current research), or attempt to save what they can (the engineers will be gravely injured or killed). Either option, the workshop ceases to function for 24 hours.

  • Strike: (requires repeated use of Emergency Shift) workplace ceases to function for 24 hours. Choice to either ignore the strike (increasing discontent), or cancel all emergency shifts (promising not to use it again for 2-3 days). With Faith Keepers or Guards, a third option to crack down and restore functionality is available.

  • Major Accident: (rare) the workplace ceases to function for 24 hours, and most workers are gravely injured or killed.

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