More keybinds and some UI improvements

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Dear u/11bit_studios,

Please consider adding more keybind options to the game. It is a much faster way to input commands, something that is especially important on Survivor where pause isn't an option. As an example, early RTS games like Age of Empires or Red Alert had (almost?) no keybinds, but their recent remasters have close to 100 to choose from. In text editors, how easier is it to press CTRL+S, CTRL+C and CTRL+V than clicking Save, Copy and Paste icons on toolbar?

So the more often a button is clicked the more I'd like to see it as an option to keybind, for example:

  • Toggle between 10 and 14 hour shifts (and 24h for Last Autumn)
  • Toggle heater
  • Activated ability like Emergency shift, patrol or foreman
  • Toggle building on/off
  • Dismantle building, pause and cancel dismantling, dismantle automaton
  • Build and dismantle roads (so much!)
  • Select Generator
  • Toggle overdrive
  • Toggle range on steam hubs
  • Add max workers/engineers/children/automaton to a building (one button each)
  • Dismiss everyone or just all workers/engineers/children/automaton (one button each)

The last two are important because every morning at 5:00 it can happen that 20%+ population is sick. Then I need to dismiss everyone from everywhere (easier than clicking on individual sick and dismissing just them) and reassign based on how critical their building is. A button to dismiss all the sick would also be a good alternative.

When you mouseover the population number in bottom right corner, every building employing people shows how much of each it has. I'd like a keybind to toggle this display for workers/engineers/children/automatons separately.

Please add mouse thumb buttons (aka Button4 and Button5) as options when keybinding (also, game won't let me rebind W key even though it's not used anywhere).


Moving on to more ambitious ideas, it doesn't seem possible to select multiple buildings. If it's not some hard-coded engine limitation I'd very much like to see double click selecting all buildings of same type, shift+click adding buildings to selection, CTRL+0-9 assigning buildings to 0-9 buttons and so on. Then toggling heater/foreman or adding/dismissing workers would affect all buildings in a selection.

UI suggestions – in Economy tab there is projected daily income for each resource, and also expense for coal. Why not have these also shown on main UI, just below the total amounts? Also, mouseover on discontent bar shows how many places are working overtime but there is not an easy way to see which 10 out of 50 buildings (for example) have it turned on.

For building abilities with cooldown like Foreman and Patrol, would it be too much to ask for an option to automate them, so that game uses them every 24/48h? For example on right click, like in Warcraft 3 or Starcraft 2. If there is no food to use them this would be turned off with a notification. Right now I either forget to click them or I try to sync them all to 8:00 announcer's cue, but as new buildings are constructed this wastes some uptime. However if it's your design philosophy that players remembering to click those should raise the skill ceiling then never mind and I respect that.

And finally a bonus minor thing, changing building orientation with middle mouse could also rotate its area of effect by 90 degrees for buildings that have it, like steam hub, gathering post, guard post, fighting arena, etc. So the egg-shaped ellipsis of area of effect is always laying down, horizontal – would it be possible to have it vertical, upright?

Thanks for making a great game – I only bothered to write all these down because I care. In before "We'd certainly like to get something like that implemented in a future build."

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