My biggest problem with this game

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Hopefully the replies can be more constructive this time.

First of all I have to say that this is not the game I thought I was buying. All the marketing around this game made it seem like a City management game with survival sim elements, not a Survival Sim with City management elements. But that's O.K., it doesn't make it a bad game, I just have to adjust my expectations.

So having not got a refund, I persisted with the game and finally got past the first week. The reason I was unable to do this was because I wasn't aware that you could mine resource piles without a gathering post. Why didn't I know this? For the same reason I'm given a challenge of warming the houses and fail miserably at it. For the same reason I have to build an infirmary and fail at that. For the exact same reasons why my hope is falling and I have absolutely no idea why. The game simply does a terribly job at communicating what's going on to the player, and explaining what they have to do to achieve the goals.


It's bad enough this game has no tutorial to familiarise yourself with the game's systems but the developers have neglected to even include instructions in their mission briefs. I'll give you an example. Let's take the warming of the houses. I'm running around, bankrupting my coal reserves building steam whatsits in order to warm them up and their temperature isn't rising despite the building's description explicitly stating it warms the area around it. What I actually need is a mission brief that states you need to warm the houses by such and such a method within the allotted time or face a hit to hope.

This is just an example but its an example that is repeated throughout my experience of playing this game. You are plonked down in the middle of this crater and have no idea what's going on. I am not asking for the game to be easier, that would defeat the object of it, but it does need to be patched to provide better feedback on how things you need to be achieved can be achieved. The onus is then on you to get there.

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