My entire experience on beating Arks on hard

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I already had a hard run once that was gutted by the lack of steel, not wanting to repeat the past mistake, I rushed steelwork after beacon and sawmill (didn't even bother finishing those piles), the sooner I can get a stable source of wood/steel the better, and it worked wonders in early game.

Second thing that gutted my previous run was the relentless temprature, which still was a issue, but I didn't give in. Here's a trick: Discontent from cold home ramps up when you keep it cold, and overdrive even for a second resets that. As long as you have double ration+infirmary chilly house or even cold (not recommended) shouldn't be problematic. For those that haven't played Arks on hard, unlike normal's fluctuating temprature (cycle between 30/40, drops rarely and finishes on 60-70,) Hard mode drops WITHOUT A SINGLE TEMPRATURE INCREASE, the 9-6 days before the end will even gut you to a fu*king -90 for the final days. Rushing coal mines was nessessary. I fu*ked up a little by not getting Power 4 and couplings, but better late than never. At least I had a infirmary which healed people in less than 6 hours, otherwise I would've been doomed.


Final, and the most interesting thing: after giving manchester coal, I had zero coal and 7 days left to get them. First I tried overdrive coupling and lowering generator to lv2, but that didn't give me enough, it's 2 and 12 hours left and I only have 5k coal, and it seemed I will fail by 1k coal off.

I found a lifesaver.


Ok, maybe not that much, maybe only 2 or 3.

But I thought that I might try it since I'm out of other solutions anyway, so I waked up the lovely engineers at the middle of the night to work on the kilns, of course, they weren't happy about it.

It's 1 day and 12 hour left

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I put one of my 4 automatons onto the steelwork I stopped after giving manchester shelter, but I'm out of steel and the kilns were 30 each, I built 2 or 3 charcoal kilns as fast as possible.

1 day left, 6500 coal

I stopped the automaton working on steel and made it work on one of the kilns. For the rest of them, I built them in heat zones and spammed emergency shift (probably the only time I used this shit in a REAL emergency). Suddenly, I saw the coal count skyrocket. the mere 300 wood I had left was not wasted after all.

5 hours left, 8000 coal.

One of the most intense playthrough I've had, 10/10 would spam charcoal kiln again

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