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Frostpunk 3 1024x576 - My first experiences

So now that the game is "content complete", I felt like remembering my first tries at every scenario, to see what I did well and wrong. I'm not an amazing player at this game (still haven't beaten anything in survivor) but hopefully some of the newer captains around here can use the advice. All my first plays were on medium btw.

  1. New Home: the first and "easiest" one, I did some "research" before even booting up the game and got so broken that I could have reached the end with the coal on reserves and all production off. Some general advice:

-Generator range upgrade fuel cost is not additive, it multiplies instead, making it inefficient when on higher power settings. Fully upgraded steam hubs are usually a preferable strategy (they can also be set to shut down during the night).

-Two of your most important resource bars, generator stress level and discontent, share an interesting quality: they will doom you, but ONLY when they reach 100%. That means that (if we ignore all events that cause discontent) you could have discontent at 90% during the entire scenario and nothing bad will happen. Likewise, you can trade gen stress with coal (overdrive increases heating but not coal consumption) as long as you dont hit 100% (not recommended for first timers tho).

-Workshops have diminishing returns (your second one is less efficient than your first, your third less than your second, etc), but having a couple always working on something will help you avoid not having a critical upgrade when things start getting harder.

  1. The Arks: also kinda easy, I got the "good" ending on the first try, nothing noteworthy about it. But the theme of your city has a hidden lesson in automatons: they are a godsend, but come at a heavy cost, so you need a strong resource production to make more. Efficiency matters a lot in this game, and getting a 10% increase in production early on could make or break your game in the long run. Always plan ahead and focus on production.

  2. The Refugees: this one started as well as the others, but a small shortage in sick beds ended up snowballing into a health crisis so big that I barely made it to the finish line (and got a bad ending). To make things worse, I didn't choose the overcrowding law (and didn't have enough food for the alternative). The lesson here? One sick person is one less worker. If you don't have a robust healthcare system you'll enter a downward spiral of lost efficiency and dead people, so make sure you always have heated homes and sick beds to spare.

  3. Fall of Winterhome: this one was close to perfect. I quickly cleaned the city, boosted Hope up with faith and rushed steel production. Mid game was fine, but ran out of hope and steel a couple days before the end, with only the last "main" upgrade remaining (no spoilers here), so I had to "finish the job" with a couple hundred steel missing. The lesson here, apart from smart city planning (we could talk for ages about the disaster that is Winterhome on day 1)? Steel is a scarce resource and unless you plan accordingly you'll find yourself in constant need of more, so make sure those steelworks are on as early and as long as possible.

(DLC content ahead, mild spoilers too)

  1. The Last Autumn: I planned ahead and got a fully upgraded generator done before the sea froze. I did this with four main principles: max motivation, first dock for steel, upgraded double shifts and NOT rushing construction on the Generator. The last one is similar to what I said in the Arks, you need to have a stable production chain before you can build anything expensive, even if you miss a deadline. About double shifts, they are an excellent example of why automatons and emergency shifts are considered vital on higher difficulties: a building working 24h shifts doubles its daily production compared to a normal shift, a colossal advantage you should learn to exploit.

  2. On the Edge: also not too hard. Even without using emergency shifts (because I'm a masochist) I managed to fully upgrade all settlements and get a good ending. If you have some practice with the game, its perfectly doable. Last advice? Exploit your neighbours. Their trust is a self-refilling resource, so every time one of em has high favour, ask for something.

I hope some of this helps, and feel free to point out any mistakes I may have made. Stay above chilly, and good luck lads!

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