My Frostpunk 2nd Anniversary Story

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I could've posted in the main thread but I feel like I have enough to talk about on my own here. I'll start with my background. I'm a storm chaser and I have a degree in meteorology with a specialization in Severe Weather. The science was expensive and exhausting to learn, and as school ended in late spring that's when the reports of tornado outbreaks would come in. I felt like something was missing from my education. Something practical. So I got in an under-powered car with an experienced colleague and went to look for real storms. After years of bad weather and no tornadoes in 2013 either through good or bad luck the largest tornado in recorded human history touched down a mile away from our caravan near El Reno, Oklahoma.

Unlike many people who can say that the most important event in their life wasn't caught on video mine was caught in full HD in all the gory details. You can find it here. I'm the guy in a black shirt, no hat, brown shorts.

Having witnessed an event comparable to the big storm in the game in person, the part that most stuck out to me was the contrast in how beautiful the tornado was versus how ugly the behavior of the humans living through it was as it headed straight towards a major city. News casters proclaimed it was un-survivable. Terrified people flooded the highways on both lanes and when they discovered we were storm chasers they mobbed our trapped vehicle demanding answers. They didn't like the ones we had to give.

It was turning nighttime so apart from the storm and debris the tornado was virtually invisible to the naked eye. We found a hotel and after a night spent in and out of the bathtub (its what you are supposed to do when you hear a tornado siren) I woke up the next day to scenes of carnage. Downed power lines, trees, thrown vehicles and no food services. Making myself useful so far from home, I volunteered to help clean up debris. Didn't make a dime, but the food was good because it was all over CNN and people/businesses were donating like crazy. I think U.S. President Obama was nearby us at some point, but it didn't matter because I was apart of this too whether I liked it or not.


Fast forward to 2018, I'd set aside the storm chasing but I'd taken up another passion based around something that was also terrible, if not worse. The Great War. Between the video games, modelling and the live-action reenactments it was ancient and nerdy but it took the lead in my life since I was lacking something else better to learn about. And now we get to the first time I saw a preview trailer of Frostpunk.

The part of the game that stood out to me most was the Temperature gauge. Having that number control my life so deeply in my chasing days, knowing it to be so important to the city in this game drew me in. Nature isn't an enemy you can lie, ignore or kill away. It's just there, and encountering an engaging strategy game that was adversarial but having an enemy you couldn't do anything about meant I was up for a launch day purchase. I didn't play it right to the end on the first day – not because I didn't have the time, intelligence or the energy but because of another reason.

I was afraid of it. The Great Frost I mean.

Having seen the worst that the weather is capable of in real life, it took me a while but I finally sat down and fought my way to the end of a New Home. There were some hunger issues, but the majority of the people in my city survived. When the temperature dropped and the weather cleared I thought to myself that I'd made it – again. Only this time, I'd taken 431 citizens with me.

Thanks for the experience 11 Bit and I look forward to the next DLC scenario (which I've already bought).

TIP: You should really consider looking into the nasty histories of Iceland's volcanoes like Krafla, Askja and especially Laki (and the famine it created) because they'd make great new enemies for the City in future scenarios. 🙂

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