My ideas for some future scenarios.

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Just spittballing here.

Four-score Men and Four-score more…

Though the storm may batter the earths surface, it cannot stop the world's inner heat. The great rift valley had already been settled many years ago, first for trapping and later for mining. As the temperature dropped, it became a natural refuge for those seeking warmth. It's hot, volcanic soil and hot springs keeping a myriad of humans and animals alive. A city of several hundred thousand now stands and yet the rift valley is in danger. Scientists believe that unless the wide mouth of the valley is sealed off by a great wall, freezing winds will greatly reduce the effectiveness of the the springs natural heat.

Steal and wood is needed to build the wall. Your generator at the valley mouth will support the construction teams in their endeavor.

The level is defined by the need to constantly balance a large work force with steel and wood construction while severe weather events roll through.

Belly of the beast

The massive dreadnought had steered itself into the estuary, only to see the shallow waters recede and never return. Run aground, the great steel vessel was never to deliver its reactor. Instead, its crew erected here of all placed.


This scenario is defined by an abundance of steel, wood and steam cores while lacking coal. The ship itself starts with a large sum of coal aboard and three steam hubs running the length of the ship. The player starts with some basic facilities like a workshop and some housing already installed in the ship.

Quiet greetings

A large scouting party of some two dozen people has come across something amazing. A dormant reactor, a great manor house and a fleet of five automatons running a fully self sustaining community. And yet, as the team approaches the front entrance quiet greets them. What happened to the incredibly wealthy residents? How could so much go to waste for so few?!

Read:  Bad game design.

Players lack actual population to work with initially. Only having enough for a scout party and a few other buildings. Resources come from the fleet of automatons. A large manor house has high level insulation and can house 50 people.

Just tossing out some ideas.

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