My only real complaint about this game so far: no options to repeal harsher laws.

qEiXYY5i9vTHbyYYthsPGh 1200 80 1024x643 - My only real complaint about this game so far: no options to repeal harsher laws.

One of the first moral dilemma this game confronts you with is how you deal with children in your city. You can either pass a law that allows you the build special shelters were the children are taken care off, or at the cost of being called a bad person you can instead pass a law that allows to send children to work in (relatively) safe workplaces to help boost your economy and humanity's survival

Ignoring for a moment that in the late 19th century child labour was still incredibly common, what really annoys me is that the laws we pass in this game are apparently carved in adamantium, since we're not allowed to repeal an already exisiting law.

I understand that the game's central conflict is to find a compromise between hope and optimism for a better future vs. ruthless pragmatism to ensure humanity's survival, but this feels like an arbitraty limit to enforce a dilemma.

Wouldn't the most pragmatic thing to do in this situation is to first allow (safe) child labour to help your economy and once you've ensured that your city, and humanity, won't die out then you can send the children to daycare and from there help out in either medical or engineering?


And most damming of all, this bring back unpleasant memories of another game that tried something similar. I'm not gonna say which game it is, but I'm gonna post what a certain internet-reviewer had to say about it.

'The moral dilemma thing falls down, because your decisions are still referred to as "good" or "evil," even though the "evil" option is so everyone can still be alive next Christmas. And why can't we keep the evil policies until the Shoggoth has come and gone, then reverse them all? Surely one year of hardship is better than one year of picnics followed by Armageddon. But no, not an option. At one point, you can either drain a lake to mine the valuable resources within and pay for everyone to not die (that's the evil option) or you can leave it because "it wooks pwetty". "Good" or "evil" at this stage comes down more to "liberal" or "conservative", and conservative policies I admit can be a bit callous when we're not about to be devoured!'

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