My options on what could be possible for the new year.

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If ever there was a time to get into RTS games and city builders now would be one of the best time to. This is the year to explore and immers yourself in many titles form total war and ages of empires four and more. However this article is not about those games. It's about FPK. Frost punk. A city survival and builder game. a very unique game with the ability to challenge you as a strategist and leader. Here are some of the things that might occur in this new year. It was hinted back in 2018 that there would be more expeditions to come. However I see great potential in adding in all tech from each scenario into the sandbox mode. The winter home generator repair could be repurposed into a generator research and blueprint creation to build other cities and upgrade the heat level. We could also see a trade network expanded upon and even a region map. There could also be a story mode that to an extent bleeds into the endless side of things. And a vehicle to replace the outpost in endless. Along with lots of lore (due to complications I cannot make videos so I will write in the Absence of me making a video). Some of the things mentioned are possible and and have some instances in the game already. However to develop on them would be an interesting thing and last but not least a work around to the. Repduction system of humanity. The region map could be set in months or years a d this could facilitate birth and death in some capacity. The year is young and we will just have to Wait and see what the community and Devs come up with I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.


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