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Hey there folks!

I just finished a couple playthroughs of A New Home, and had an idea for my public speaking course. I pitched the idea to my professor, and he loved it, as did the rest of the class, so I thought I'd share it here just for giggles. This is a speech I wrote that I imagined the great leader giving to his subjects after the storm has passed.

"My friends, my people, my comrades, it is no small matter that you can all stand here once again to hear my words.

There will be time to rebuild, and to carry ourselves foward into an even greater future. But for this moment, let us simply behold the rising sun again, be thankful for our own survival, and give our gratitude to those who gave their lives so that we might live to see the end of that freezing hell.

Several of our guards met with fatal frostbite while making their rounds, many were taken ill with the cold and are even now being buried, a group of heroic miners mqde the ultimate sacrifice so that we could keep the mines open qnd the generator running, and I think it is jo exaduration to call all these people our saviors.


While I was making a routine inspection of the sawmills, I happened to witness a most unfortunate accident. An old man who was teaching a new worker how to properly split wood was delt a gruesome injury by the saw blades, and was sure to die in minutes. I found myself privileged to hear his last words. 'Long live our great leader, and long live New London', he said. 'Keep going, everyone. Live and die at your posts, toil for the cause, it is our tireless work that makes this place great'.

My friends, this man, who I later learned was named Benjamin, speaks wise words indeed. Rebuilding our strength will be almost as hard as surviving, but we must still soldier on. Would that the dead were still standing among us, but there is much work still to do, and we must be as devoted to our cause as ever.

And so, my friends, as the morning light guides you back to work, remember Benjamin's last words. Work hard, for it is your work that makes our lives great.

Long live your great leader! Long live New London!"

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