My Take On The Lore – EP 4 – About the Weather (Corrected) and Various mysteries

Frostpunk screen 1024x576 - My Take On The Lore - EP 4 - About the Weather (Corrected) and Various mysteries

This post is spoilerful and is not recomended for non-owners of the game or people that have not finished A New Home and The Arks scenarios.

This is my take on the lore, I have no other influence other then previous reddit comments about details I forgot aswel as my own game experience. I’ll disregard any unconstructive comments like ‘’no u wrong’’ or comments trying to aggressively change my mind for non-based reasons.

DO suggest alternate possibilities

Before We Start

Hi. Before we start this “episode”, I wish to remind you of my last post. In the last post, I attempted to explain the cause of the ice age (but was wrong and corrected here). I also offered you all to attempt to find the location of the generators and it is described how in the last post. Thanks for all help given!


In the last post, I had made my first attemp at explaining the cause of the weather and the ice age. This post will be split in half, the first half dedicated to rectifying the causes of the ice age, speculations and so on.

Available Info

  • Loading screen tip n°1

    In 1872, a Turkish astronomer presented his discovery of an to the Académie des Sciences

  • Loading screen tip n°2

    Mount Krakatoa and mount Tambora are thought to be the causes of the <...>

  • American audi note

    <...> what if the quake in Patagonia was actually a meteor?

  • Winterhome weather station note

    <...> the southern volcanoes alone cannot have caused this, the sun is dimming!


Here is how we can associate each peice of evidence:

  • 1872 asteriod shower and the Turkish man’s discovery
  • mount Tambora was a class 7 eruption in 1815. It is the deadliest eruption ever and caused the “year without a summer
  • mount Krakatoa was a class 6 eruption in 1883. Located in Indonesia, aswell as mount Tambora, it caused casualties and a volcanic winter
  • Patagonia is the shared southern regions of Chile and Argentina
  • The dimming of a star is usually due to it being a pulsar (pulsating) star or when objects are orbiting it and blocking its rays from reaching the observer.


Here is my (second) take on explaining the causes of the ice age:

The 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora rose the amount of ahes in the earth’s atmosphere. So strong at first, it cause the previously mentionned year without a summer. This means there are high levels of dust in the atmosphere for a long time.

Later this century, in 1872, the Turkish astronomer who’s name is unknown reveals his discovery of an incoming comet shower due in the following weeks. This shower is where alternate history does its thing: instead of being all well and good, I suspect a comet succesfully enters earth’s atmosphere but does NOT hit the surface. Rather, it explodes a few hundred meters above ground level. Why so? If it had been big enough to hit the earth’s surface, there would of been an extinction event… that’s why. Anyway, the shockwave still produced by the comet’s breakdown reaches the Indonesian island of interest (the one peppered with volcanoes) and triggers the early eruption of Mount Krakatoa. It also triggers many other Indonesian volcanoes and hence creates a maasive eruption. The ashes then sent into the atmosphere group up with Mount Tambora’s remaining ashes. Coriolis force does its thing and most ashes are driven to the equator. The equator being the the hottest regions on earth, the ashes lower its temperature. Such impressive systems as the Gulf Stream are affected and the global Ice Age visible in Frostpunk is triggered.


But what about the sun you ask. Well, my theory is this:

The 1872 meteor shower is thought to have been caused by the seperation of and subsequent breakup of the Biela’s Comet. Theories have attempted to link the meteor’s thought close approach to catastrophes such as the Chicago fire. We can hence beleive there were close approaches of part of Biela’s Comet.

Using alternate history magic, we can presume the meteor shower didn’t as sweet as it really did and that one of the substantial fragments of the comet actually entered earth atmosphere’s and provoked a shockwave right over the region of Patagonia. This shockwave reaches the then already stressed Indonesian volcanoes but instead of only mount Krakatoa, the whole island erupts. Enough ashes are sent into the atmosphere to then trigger a “small” ice age.


Here’s where I’m going: if a meteor truck the earth, that means there was A LOT of meteors. Potential explanation to the dimming sun would be the fact the remnants of an other body are orbiting the earth or the sun and are causing exposition frops. The dimming may be due to more and more bodies reaching a blocking orbit.

This is what I have fir now.

Since I feel like it, lets call the meteor strike event “The Great Strike of 1872”.


Since this post is saddeningly short and repetitive, here is stuff I’ve found bu have a hard time understnading and that may be important to the lore. They are in order of most boring to stageringly intriguing.

  1. Miss-correlation with the wealth needed to access a Generator: The refugees scenario tells us >Only the wealthy could buy the safety of the Generators. But, in A New Home, signing the child shelter law may prompt the comment >Only the wealthy could afford such a thing back in London… Inducing the people of A New Home arn’t so wealthy and that they still managed to take part in an expensive paid expedition…

  2. The people of Winterhome lived a starvation, though, the hunters supposedly brought the childrens to the shrouded cave in A New Home, suggesting they wern’t doing their jobs. Is it because no huntable animals were left? If so, why can we hunt perfectly, being located in the same valley even if the fall of Winterhome was very close to our establishment (bridge plaque reads established in 1887 and New London end screen also reads established 1887)? Were they lying? Were they trying to get Winterhome to fail? If so, why?

  3. The bridge to Winterhome was built the same year we established our city. It may explain why the automaton was still working yet not having coal lying around and that there are still multiple survivors. Also, it can explain the great condition of the coal mine.

Prepare yourself, this one is weird

  1. The American dreadnought Hephaestus (named after the greek god of metallurgy and fire) and its sister ship Prometheus (greek Titan that created the first human and later gave it fire from Hephaestus’ forge’s eternal flame) both sunk. Though, as previously mentionned, we have established our city in year 1887, a bolted metal plate reads the ships sunk in 1888…

This either means the Americans did not use a correct time zone but that only differs time by a maximum of 1 day whilst the ships have been stationary for visibly more the a day… Second option is time travel.

Edits will be listed under here. Feel free to discuss my findings in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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