My Take On The Lore – EP 5 – About the Generator Project, Whys and Hows

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This post is spoilerful and is not recomended for non-owners of the game or people that have not finished A New Home and The Arks scenarios.

This is my take on the lore, I have no other influence other then previous reddit comments about details I forgot aswel as my own game experience. I’ll disregard any unconstructive comments like ‘’no u wrong’’ or comments trying to aggressively change my mind for non-based reasons.

DO suggest alternate possibilities

Before We Start

The exact location of A New Home is still unknown, this post’s start explains how you can help find it!

Don’t be scared suggesting things, I CAN and WILL be wrong at some times!

Thanks for all help towards the lore!


Oh hi there! Recently, the sub has been having a substantial amount of posts asking questions about the lore in some concentrated fields like “Why go north? It’s cold!”, “Why not go instead?”, “Why use Steam Heating?”, “Where’s a forest ?”, and “Why not build a dome?”

Well it happens to me that todays questions to be awnsered are… oh look! They’re the same as above!

  • Why they went north instead of southern regions
  • Why they used steam heating and did it the way they did
  • Why trees are present even if Svalbard has permafrost
  • How was the project managed/made/executed (cuz I feel like explaining)

Why North?

In the previous post we tried understanding why the weather was like so. Though this is still heavily debatable or incorect, I’ll use its explaination to build upon for this post.

By what we understood, it is likely winds converged the ashes of volcanic eruptions towards the equator, reducing its temperature considerably. A massive natural phenomenon that does stuff like providing Europe with great weather even if their latitude is the same as Canada’s called the Gulf Stream would then likely be affected aswell as numerous other systems. The equator would hence be colder then anything else. Why north? Why not go to Antarctica? In 1887, the British hadn’t even explored it yet! Whilst Svalbard, lovely rich island, was being debated for sovereignty, the thing the Brits loved at that time.


Why use Steam to Heat?

Though it seems, visually, that the Generator (capital G) acts like a massive heater/radiator, it strongly beleive it is not, Rather, I think it’s a simple, though high-tech, boiler. It would send steam to houses and hence provide heating, the range upgrade being an upgrade to its pumps, the heat upgrade being its boilers being able to heat higher. It would also explain the presence of pipes on the roads and the then to be absent snow on said roads, them probably being heated. It was also the pinnacle of engineering at the time, such technologies as geothermal and so on were not yet advanced enough or understood deeply enough to be part of the colossal Project.

Why are there trees on Svalbard?

Observations of Svalbard show 1 discrepancy: Permafrost. Tress cannot grow in permafrost. Though, some plants can and Svalbard is actually known for ots very varied flora for and arctic weather. Anyway, I suspect, when the generators were build, before the ica came, that trees were planted and wekt alive by the generators. It might be why they’re so weak at the start. Still, trees were planted as part of the great plan for cities to be build. They wern’t there before. Last thing that may prove this is the fact forest seem to be present around Generators (Winterhome wood outpost hint hint) and that the trees are, visually, all the same.

How was the Project Itself?

It didn’t go that well… A loading tip tells us

Thousands died building the Generators

Induscing the project was dangerous, pourly planned and so on. It is actually very clear by your experience as a Captain that the porject was pourly setup.

The Royal Society probably got it that an ice age was to come. They the decided they were going to survive this and their engineers came up witth them; The Generators. To have reasons to claim Svalbard, they setup there, also being a good combination of massive coal deposits, weather “safe” heaven and hunting potential. The construction was poorly organized and very hazardous, leeding ti the mentionned deaths, you may know back then, the ice wasn’t as high as it it now, the construction of a dime would’ve been weird to oredict the height of. Plus, managment of exhaust and air would have been a mess.

Sorry, this post is Short

I’m sorry for this short of a post. To lengthen it, you may be reminded the Heaphaestus-Prometheus 1 year discrepency has not been resolved. You can read more about it at the end of this post. Also, know that in the weekends, I’ll have the ability to make better posts then this!

Edits will be posted under here. Feel free to discuss my findings in the comments!

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