My Take On The Lore – EP 6 – About Present Technologies + Further Corrections About The Weather

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This post is spoilerful and is not recomended for non-owners of the game or people that have not finished A New Home, The Arks and The Refugees scenarios.

This is my take on the lore, I have no other influence other then previous reddit comments about details I forgot aswel as my own game experience. I’ll disregard any unconstructive comments like ‘’no u wrong’’ or comments trying to aggressively change my mind for non-based reasons.

DO suggest alternate possibilities

Before We Start

Hi! Before we start this post, let me give you a list of things still not resolved or understood. It may give you ideas and makes this post look more complex, hence why it's good for both of us:

  • American Ship Discrepency (Said to have sunk in 1888 despide us playing in 1887)
  • Cause of the Winterhome Food Shortage (Linked to the next thing, remember there are still Winterhome survivors around, its fall was recent)
  • Construction date of the Winterhome Bridge (1887, we are playing in 1887, why build a bridge when your town is dying?)

Now that this is away, here to the actual post, this time, about the technologies shown to us in the game.


I got the idea for this post when going around The Refugees' frostland with my scouts. At some point, I got 2 or 3 snowcats in a row and that weird plane that had crashed… There's also the automaton bs but I'll get into it, aswell as the 2 other things + 1, in this post so on we go.


We'll start with something that'll hopefully give you an idea of what this post will be. In the different scenarios, snowcats are often mentionned. That may be due to their very close association to thick snow as snowcats are vehicules made to travel on most snowlands. It may be completely different to what we know as snowcat, but it does not refer to the train-like expedition vehicule as the graphics and such shown when discovering a snowcat show something actually resembling a snowcat. Interesting thing though is that the earliest appearence of a vehicule that had capacity to "drive" over snow was this golrious joke. As you can see, tech in those years were not nearely as advanced as what we see ingame. By this, we can sturdily confirm that tech in Frostpunk is welmingly passed how it really was. Description of probable functionning of a snowcat in frostpunk:

The vehicle's body resembles one of a train. A boiler is visible at its front and a co*kpit is located at the back. It has the ability to move large amounts of materols on a wagon like vehicle only it and its wagons need to be equipped with traction wheels and the train does not only use a simple boiler, it may require a steam core.


I have no clue Autommatons probably work using a hydrolic system based on steam. The steam core it uses powers the pumps in the machine and its behaviour is "made" by a series of cogs that may interact with eachother when, for say, a certain pressure is applied somewhere. These are higly advanced peices of machinery and show just how far tech has gone in a few years.

The Plane

This one is slightly different by how scouts react upon finding it. They mainly say they knew they were working on flying machines but didn't know they had came so far in the research. Keep in mind the Wright brothers had the first heavier-then-air plane flying in as close as 1903, 6 years off of our story. Though, they mention a small, more efficient based off engines like snowcats' were used. Know that combustion engines were – or were on the verge of being – available, so we now know the 1880 civilization did not want anything but steam power.



We see at multiple occasions lights, from the chest apparatus to the side of the automatons, but if they have electricity, why bother with steam engines everywhere? My hypothesis is that they had found electricity accidentaly and use a process that may be inneficient that works with something like a carried generator and steam capsules, but ofcourse, this is just a hypothesis.


I swear, I'll get it one time! During some reserach for this post, I came across the flavour text displayed in the Tesla Observatory thing where someone suggests the landing of a meteor as one of the causes of the ice period. THOUGH, in this 1872 was the cause for eruption of mount krakatoa and most indonesian volcanoes. This Theory was destroyed when a date was associated with the Quake of Patagonia, it is said to have happened in 1887, so our time we are playing in. This, though, may be changed when we remember that there is the American Ship Discrepency: we know the American's could have a time ofset for as much as 1 year, and since, if we consider time travel, it could be more then that, we only know the meteor strike has happened 1 year before the American's landing.

With this new info, here is a new version of what happened. If you wonder what something means, it is most likely shown in the last post linked earlier.

In 1872, a Turkish astronomer announces an incoming meteor shower due to Biela's Comet breakup. It's all well and good for a bunch of years. In 1882, mount Krakatoa erupts in a class 6 eruption. Yhis sends mad amounts of ashes in the atmosphere and is said to have caused 5 volcanic winters, or when the worldwide temperature drops due to the presence of volcanic ashes in the atmosphere. Tjis would bring is directly to 1887 but in 1886, a remnant of Biela's Comet stikes the earth. It was cought by the earth when it had made a close approach, and then performed an aerobraking maneuver (?) to then enter a steady orbit around earth. Due to the rather unprecise nature of natural aerobrakings, the camet may have had part of its orbit close enough to earth to perform regular aerobrakings until it lost enough of its velocity to strike earth. It may be why the strike was so massive yet humans survived and there were no extinction event. Though, the strike may have caused eruption of Chilian and Equadorian volcanoes (or not) and/or created a new volcano under the landing site do to its massive impact. This may explain why a loading tip casually mentions mount Tambora and Krakatoa as causes of the ice period and that this is visibly discussed not to be the sole reason in A New Home. The newly erupt or formed volcano eruption cause a further cooling of earth added upon mount Krakatoa's remainging ashes. The same American note also mentions the volcanoesand the diming sun not to be the sole reaons, we can hence confirm the sun is but barely dimming, probably due to more orbiting objects around the earth blocking it out regularly enough to reduce the energy received by earth. Know that the sun diming by a minimalistic 0.2% could cause the entire earth to freeze up within a year like we see in frostpunk, it is hence more likely to be foreign body induced diming, somethings way less harsh then the sn diming.

Edits will be posted down here aswell as notices. I encourage y'all to rate this post and to comment on your perspective of things and such. Discuss about it!

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