My thoughts and hopes for this amazing game

frostpunk 1 - My thoughts and hopes for this amazing game

I got Frostpunk last winter, during the big wallet-devouring sales on steam. I expected a chill 4X to sink my teeth into whenever i was too burnt on Destiny 2 or Warframe.

I didn't expect feels, tension, drama, feeling like an absolute monster, or a great fear of an imaginary apocalyptic winter storm.

The atmosphere is amazing, and oh boy does the soundtrack do WONDERS to keep me immersed. I've often played continuously for several hours past my usual bedtime because of how sucked into ensuring everyone lives.

I've yet to have the heart to do a few of the more controversial things, as the narrative frames it so negatively… I never had the heart to go through with it:

  • The two "Absolute" Laws, I've never explored either one. The warning alone is enough to stop me from delving into my curiosity.
  • Child Labor. I can't see the justification in forcing kids to toil in this hellscape they'll inherent
  • >!Cannibalism or!< fertilization. Organ Donor is a solid moral thing to do (IMO), the other two… not so much.
  • Turning away ANYONE. People trekked through a frozen hellscape to reach whichever town I've been keeping together. I'd feel like an absolute monster to turn away someone who survived against all odds to make it to me.
  • Leaving Manchester, to its fate in the Arks.

Each of those bulletpoints actually stirred feelings of doubt, wrongness, and a desire to explore ALL other options to ensure those would stay off the table unless there was no other choice.

Possibly my favorite part of Frostpunk, is the time-lapse narration of everything I had accomplished (or failed to) in that scenario.


I love this game, I wish there was more to enjoy. I really hope that we get patches to allow for easier Modding of the core game. There are so many tweaks I would love that I'm not sure the developer (or other players) would be fond of.

Like the AI of your citizens, I've often have someone starving because they hated me so much to visit a cookhouse when I had well over 200 meals ready to eat. Or stuck on a random road between supply depots, refusing to figure out how to get themselves medical attention, until i dismantle all structures around them.

I wish there was a master list of Event triggers, as the completionist in me wants to see as many as possible. Like, I learned from this reddit that for The Fall of Winterhome you should save >! some of the ruins for the 7th week. As this triggers an event to allow you to rescue some engineers to add to your total!<

I wish the Adaptation Lawbook had a few deeper decisions. I worked in the military, standard working hours while underway was 12 on and 12 off. This means all posts can be manned and ready 24/7 with no issue. Its a toll on yourself if you dont get your full 12 hour downtime, but if this was applied in Frostpunk, it would allow a Low-Risk 24/7 shift with quite a bit of grumbling. And 12 hours isn't even the limit, other stations occasionally work 8 on and 16 off, rotating to ensure 24/7 coverage during the year. Emergency Shift OR Extended Shift doesnt feel really Adaptable enough to me IMO.

Here's hoping more DLC or modding becomes available down the line!

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