Need your advice on strategy: Rushing automatons in workshops?

Frostpunk 3 1024x576 - Need your advice on strategy: Rushing automatons in workshops?

Hey there,

I'm still somewhat new to the game, but I've been trying to work out a cool strategy for the new home scenario,

I start with two workshops and then only build whatever is absolutely necessary, saving most of the early resources. The priority is to make up for some of the lacking local production by getting out two scouts as soon as possible. After that you get the basic infrastructure and then rush to Engineer automation. In terms of policies I start with the 24h shift, then child shelters, extended shift, and engineer helpers. I don't get policies that force me to build something if I don't absolutely need it at the time. I don't bother with coal thumpers and instead spend the first core on building a coal mine, the timing works out to be just about when the piles are depleted.

My tech priority list looks like this:

Beacon – 10 wood

Faster Gathering – 10 wood

T1 tech – 50 wood

More scouts – 20 wood

Sawmill – 10 wood

Steelworks – 10 wood

Coal mining – 20 wood 10 steel

T2 tech – 75 wood 25 steel

Factory – 30 wood 20 steel

T3 tech – 100 wood 50 steel

Automaton integration – 40 wood 25 steel

T4 tech – 125 wood 75 steel

Engineer automation – 50 wood 30 steel

I only put one engineer in the cookhouse because for some reason it's insanely efficient (looks like a bug to me actually). Same for the medical post, until more people start to get sick. Rushing the second scout without getting resource blocked boosts your economy tremendously and reduces the need for food and shelter at the same time. Researching Faster Gathering over night with the first 24h shift makes sure that you get the scout as early as possible and that you're ready for fast gathering on the second day.


They key is to not get resource-blocked along the way and have Engineer automation ready by the time your scouts find the Automaton. Except for T3 and T4 tech the individual resource requirements aren't that hard to meet. If you can't make those immediately you can always get a heating tech as a filler, or improve your scourts. Once the Automaton is placed in the workshop you free five workers and you can spend 24h shifts on other production facilities, which in turn makes sure that you can continue to rush through the rest of the tech tree. Since this is considerably faster now, once you've researched all that you're interested in (I usually skip most of the resource tech tree) you can put the Automatons somewhere else.

Overall I found that this tightens the start a little bit, but then turns the rest of the game into complete easy mode by putting you ahead of the curve at all times. You can get all generator efficiency tech, most of housing and all heater technologies right after your first Automaton is on the workshop, taking off all subsequent pressure on coal farming. Incoming steam cores go exclusively into Automatons and advanced coal mines, excess workers go hunting.

Let me know what you think 🙂

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