New Home – Survivor Mode Completion

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I finished Survivor New Home, had deaths along the way. Gloomy Cave killed my scouts, Tesla City was successfully deactivated on the first exploration. Some deaths were lack of treatment and starvation, one or two might have been stuck worker bug, and of course the 24 shift death and the poet death from Order.

Loosely followed advice and tips from threads on here. Went through most of it with Steam Coal Mines x3, then got the free techs pre-endgame. Built Adv Coal Mines until right before storm then built 2 Steam Coal Thumpers and 8 Gathering Posts, these were fully automated. Had 2 Basic Wall Drills, 2 Adv Steelworks, all fully automated. All extra steam cores went to Infirmaries, staffed with engineers. For fun I made 4 fully upgraded Charcoal Kilns, moved the steel automatons over, with the other 2 Kilns staffed by workers. Outposts, early game, Coal Mine. Mid-game, Tesla City, and Dreadnought (Steel). Late Game, Tesla City and Coal Mine. Raw Food came purely from Hunter Huts and Hangers. Child Shelters with Engineering Apprentices, chewing through the tech quickly is a life saver, the hope bonus from shelters is awesome as well. Eventually left up only the two workshops behind the stockpile. If I had engineers to spare I made workshops, Automaton Project allowed me to staff some of the Infirmaries with my extra automatons at first until I had everything I wanted from tech tree, then the Infirmaries were all staffed by engineers. Didn't cross the line, saved 1 steam core for the endgame to power through the second to last temp drop then the steam core got me through the last one before the Dawn. Next up I'll be trying Endless Endurance on Extreme, and after that maybe Builders. I'mm also going to go through certain scenarios to get achievements not tied to difficulties but other conditions (i.e. Better than London, I think would be easiest to get on The Arks as you only need five Bunkhouses or Houses, I got the Worse than London on Refugees, easy because no storms, did it on an accept the Lords and protect Craven run). Overall I enjoyed the challenge of Survivor Mode and I look forward to continuing my adventures in the Frostlands and sharing them with all of you. Thank you to everyone on this subreddit for all your help and advice, I believe this is one of the best gaming communities out there.


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