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frostpunk 3 - New Laws

In my opinion, there are few laws in the game that we can pass. By day 30, all laws have already been passed, so it will become boring. And then I came, with my crooked translation (because I'm from the great and mighty Country of Vodka) and start to come up with new laws! Let's start! (Serving the Soviet Union!)

Laws of Adaptation

  1. Extra food

The law can be adopted after signing the law on soup / food with sawdust.

"In the kitchen you can prepare delicious and nutritious portions.

Consumes raw food 1: 1

People who eat this food are less sick, they have better hope and less discontent. "

This is the same law as in "Last Autumn", but with it you can use the law on soup. It is aimed at those who have a lot of food or just want to improve their "reputation" without executing people: 3

  1. Work in two shifts.

Adopted after the law on 24-hour shifts

“Two-shift work can be assigned to facilities. It requires twice as many people, but using it increases dissatisfaction as does using“ extended ”shifts. People will ask for rest, as with extended shifts.”

Again, the law from The Last Autumn. Why did not the developers think of this in the original? We will never know.

  1. Day off

You can accept it after the adoption of the law on extended shifts.

“Once the law has been passed, it will not be possible to repeal it.

Once a week, all enterprises (except those serviced by automatic machines) will stop working. The pub, if available, will be open all day.

Dissatisfaction will be significantly reduced every weekend.

Hope will greatly increase every weekend. "

Well, yes, the day off. Why not? An excellent law for the ending, when everything is fine, or if you have problems with discontent / hope.

  1. Savings.

It will be a law starting its “tree” in adaptation.

“In our harsh conditions, we cannot afford to build high-quality buildings. We are trying to save all resources in order to survive.

Any building can be built using only 50% of the necessary resources (selected during construction). Such buildings, if they are production ones, will work with only 70% efficiency. If this is a dwelling, a hospital or an orphanage, then only 70% of the possible can live and be treated there.

It can later be upgraded to a regular building (using the remaining 50% of the resources needed for the building "

Good idea for an initial game. When you do not have enough supplies for a house or mines, you can build a "defective" building, and later improve it.

This law diverges into 2 new ones.

  1. Sealing / Free housing.

Only one law can be adopted. Can only be accepted after Savings.


“Our homes can accommodate more people. Of course, no one will like it.

Houses accommodate 3 people more.

Discontent will rise slightly every day. "

Free housing.

“We can give people spacious rooms in houses. Everyone will be just happy.”

Houses accommodate 3 people less.


Discontent will decline every day. "

Again, the laws of The Last Autumn. As for me, it’s pretty convenient and important laws.

  1. New design.

May be taken after "Savings."

"Our engineers found the opportunity to build buildings using fewer resources than usual.

All buildings require 15% less resources to build. Does not affect effectiveness.

  1. Innovative design.

May be adopted after the "New Design"

"Engineers have discovered the ability to build buildings while spending the least possible resources.

All buildings require 30% less resources to build. No effect on performance. "

I have finished adaptation. As for me, I gave an example of good laws for both the beginning and the end of the game.

Let's move on to the laws of purpose

Laws of order.

  1. Well, first of all, I want to change the “Pledge of allegiance” to increase hope for reducing discontent. Usually, if you adopt this law, you will take the “New Order”, therefore this law is essentially useless (because there is no hope in the “New Order”).

  1. March of fidelity.

May be adopted after the "New Order"

"Every evening we will march around the city, reminding everyone of our goal and order

Every night, dissatisfaction is reduced "

Just the law after the "New Order" What would not be?

  1. Secret police

Can be taken instead of the "Center for Propaganda"

"KGB, Gestapo … Are we worse?

Secret police will be organized in the city. She is engaged in the search for a mode of displeasure in the city, and places them in a special building (and they are brainwashed, respectively)

It will be necessary to build a special building.

Sometimes discontent will decrease, hope will increase, and there is a chance that resources will be received. "

Similar to the same law of faith.

  1. Center for the issuance of products.

May be adopted after the Morning Meetings.

"A food distribution point will be organized for diligent citizens to help them in their work and warm them up."

It works just like the field kitchens of the faith. "

People believe that faith is simpler and easier. One of the tools is just the same field kitchens. I added them to order, why no?

I do not know what to add for faith. Everything is good there. By the way, write in comments that you liked it, what not. Maybe someone will come up with their own laws. And yes, once again, forgive the curve for the translation, I do not know English well, so I used Google translator: 3

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