New Player here, Thank you for this experience!

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Hey Fellas,I grabbed Frostpunk in the Playstation Store for 15 Euros and I literally played it the whole day.I choked in some aspects of the "New Home" scenario where I started it again because of my new knowledge I experienced and after a few hours I got a better feeling and understanding of this game.

So after 2 resets I just played my third City from the beginning to the end.Here are my magic Moments ( obviously Major Spoilers):

  • The Encounters while Scouting, for example: Survivors getting attacked by Bears, and Tesla City
  • Slowly Seeing my City fall into a Regime
  • My first Automaton and the reaction from to the City
  • Waves of Survivors finding the City and warning about "It is coming!"
  • Seeing the Storm with my own Eyes while zooming out on the Map.( dropped my Jaw )
  • Getting the preparations ready while my the whole City is panicking
  • Cheering for my Scout that is on his way home just with the Storm breathing down their necks
  • getting hit by the Storm and it is getting colder and colder every week
  • and most of all

    >! of the Storm. Im listening to it for hours and even right now!<

Man what a journey of intensity and despair and I hate it that I can never again experience it for the first time. Thank you so much!

Now something I wish would be added to the game.

  • The Game is screaming for something that Involves H.P Lovecraft. Maybe some "Darkest Dungeon" by "Red Hook Studios" like Scout Missions? Or the Wall Drill hitting something Organic and People are getting afflicted and Crazy and so on. Oh Boy there are so much possibilities. I wish there was more to it.
  • Some New laws and law trees for longer play sessions like : if you have meat from hunting and plants from the hothouse you can create a healthier meal that decreases the chances of getting ill but costs thrice or fourth as much.
  • Technology and Technology trees for longer play sessions like : You can now build enhanced personal pocketwarmers that costs Steel, Coal, Wood and a Steamcore to constantly warm up 20 People and must be charged at the Generator after every work-cycle .(It is just an example that flew through my head not something that I want in the game without testing etc.)
  • Finding other settlements with a generator you can trade with, with a steamtrain Caravan or claim by impressing them with your own Base (peaceful) or start a "New Order" or "Faith" War (similar like it was in the "black and white" Games from Lionhead Studios (R.I.P))
  • Mod support…like…seriously

Damn that is already long and maybe demotivating to read, but I hope some of you felt the same way as I did playing the game!

What was your first experience? I really want to know and what would you like to be added to the game, lets assume there is no financial or personal problems for "11 Bit Studios". I just like to fantasize

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