OC-Engineer notes 3-the Cookhouse

frostpunk 4 - OC-Engineer notes 3-the Cookhouse

The Cookhouse was one of the first things we invented, and that was out of pure neccesity. Letting people cook their food would be a waste of fuel, and eating raw food was deemed unhealthy and inefficient. Thus, the Cookhouse was born.

It was designed to be a mess hall and a kitchen at once, while taking the smallest amount of space possible, so we made the walls thinner to accomodate more people and equipment. The dreagnoughts didn't carry any construction materials, but they had some tools that would be harder to manufacture in the cities, such as stoves, pans or shovels. We learned to create glass just recently when we experimented at the steelworks, since carrying it in the dreadnought would crush it, as the ride was quite bumpy, and the workers that built the generators left minimal supplies behind.

The heating was provided by a central stove, which was round with a flat surface to accomodate incredible amounts of pots, pans and kettles, and even a giant cauldron for soup. Around that were square tables, which provided the most seats per square meter, een though they were spartan in design. A small room which contained a conveyor belt receiver as well as a small stockpile of ground salt was behind a tiny door at the end of the large hall. A cooking board was there, as well as knives, spoons, forks and other kitchen equipment, such as a crude blender. The conveyor receiver was connected wih the raw food stockpiles via a hollow tube not filled with steam, and it brought in whatever produce we currently had, meaning that the cooks didn't get to wait.


The meals were quite straightforward. We had a standard meal, and a choice between two "emergency" meals, but only one at a time was allowed by official british law. The standard meal was a small bucket filled to the brim with blended algae, cooked meat or whatever was currently made. It made for a thick porridge and actually tasted quite well, especially with the everpresent lichen bread. Our soup was about the same thing, but it was half water-half porridge. That was also quite decent. We also had a law for a third emergency meal, but the captain dismissed it as being too "drastic, unhealthy and cruel". Nobody really knows what the other meal was, or what made it so bad. We only heard something about sawdust.

With its current automaton staff and decent output, the cookhouse should be able to prepare us with food for the storm. Or at least I hope. Simon Lipus, head engineer of workshop 1

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