OC-Engineer notes 5-the Hunters

frostpunk 4 - OC-Engineer notes 5-the Hunters

Getting food in a frozen wasteland is a hard task on its own, but when you add in inexperienced Englishmen and cruel weather then it becomes a true annoyance. Our artbook, having become our lord and saviour, provided us with two ideas how we could get food. The first one is the Hothouse, and the second, and notably cruder one, was the Hunters. The desings were two, as always, and the first one was figured out during our ride in the dreadnought.

It was a crude hut, resembling those that the savage tribes living in America built before civilisation. Internal heating was provided as well as resting beds for the hunters that have already ventured out and needed to sleep. We provided the hunters with a snowcat to get to the reserve, and some quiet, white sleds to pursue prey on. Their rifles were simple long bolt action models, with a large, detachable machete under the barrel provided for self-defense and close range engagements. These rifles were mostly for finishing off animals, as the main catches came from various traps and snares which they planted and came to collect at night. They had bags of salt to preserve and disinfect prey, and we even gave them goggles to see through all snow, with the right one also acting as a magnification glass to serve as an enhancement to the iron sights of their guns. The hunter crew didn't get much food since they were slow, but we could build a lot of these huts and we improved their gear to better their catches.


As we progressed the huts were deemed too crude and uncomfortable, while also inefficient. We worked the living hell out of ourselves, and it paid off, as we learned how to improve their tactics to the point where 10 people could do the job of 15, which was truly a great advancement. Moreso, we reinvented the Zeppelins in a sense, because now our hunters could fly. And no, this is not a joke. We could fly. Again. No wonder why the entire city cheered as the first blimp took off, leaving a trail of smoke behind it. They came back with more meat than we could've ever gotten from a normal hunting trip. Later on we even gave them silent, long-range crossbows instead of their noisy rifles, and they got even more food!

This should keep us at a comfortable surplus of food until the Storm passes. However, we aren't really sure if any animals will survive the storm besides the fish at the Freshwater Springs. We must hope though. I am, for example an optimist in this regard. I thing that life will find a way to adapt. Or at least I hope.

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