On The Edge DLC Speculation and Closure for the Winterhome Arc?

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I feel as though Winterhome's survivors will find closure within this DLC.

An explanation for this would be most simply explained with one word: Food. After the Great Storm, I feel as though one of the most important resources for New London will be food. I don't see the Fishing Village providing enough for the entire city and whatever the scouts are doing in this coming scenario, not to mention there should be nothing left alive after that storm, no Arctic fauna or Hot house seeds should be able to survive -150C.

Now this part is a bit speculation and theory to explain why Winterhome's survivors will make contact: First off, New London should not of gotten through the storm unscathed with no deaths, the concept art for the scenario in the announcement trailer seems to show the city sustained some damage, with heating being nonexistent in the art aside from the beacon being lit. This shows that the city didn't fully make it through with its intended target goals during the storm prep phase, and it would make sense to have it be where a large portion of the city died either during the storm or immediately after it from lack of medical facilities, roughly 350-400 citizens of the city's normally 700ish capacity. Secondly, the current survivors you found in Freshwater Springs should clearly be able to tell you that "Hey, there's actually more of us that escaped via dreadnought who are looking for a home and have a lot of resources to rebuild New London, we just don't know where they went."


Thus Winterhome's survivor's making contact with New London either by just finding the city's beacon signal or having the scouts track them down feels like the most obvious choice considering if you take a fully stocked and supplied dreadnought and empty it into a city's stockpile, you essentially have more food than was necessary when the Great Storm hit (even taking into account the Winterhome citizens eating a bit of it) and roughly 5000 steel worth using to rebuild the city. This in turn gives the scouts of New London this newly acquired and fully functional dreadnought to go to wherever the special assignment takes them, whether it be the search for another city or to link up with cities that had the greatest chance of surviving the storm and offer meaningful impact to restore Earth and replenish food stores, such as Legacy City and New Manchester (The Arks).

TLDR: New London needs new citizens and food in a world that offers neither, but it just so happens that the Winterhome Dreadnought offers both of those (or just one if you are that desperate to go the cannibal route).

Any other theories or speculations that the DLC may offer?

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