On the Edge end a bit… Underwhelming?

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So I've played though On the Edge twice now, and I have to say I really did enjoy the new trade mechanics. Pretty fun to interact with, maybe the 'Favour' mechanic could be reworked? from the seem's of it you can just gain favour with a settlement and then exploit the hell out of them with little to no consequences, so something along the lines of a passive 'High Favour' Bonus would have been a nice thing to see rather than short term gains with no noticeable down sides.

Any way back to my point!

I've done both endings, Telling New London to Shove it, and choosing saving it, but neither really felt that rewarding.

When telling them to shove it, it did seem like an interesting challenge,having to house all the refugees, but making you build 20 bunkhouses and get 200 meals exactly was a really bad shout. It just turns that late game in to save scumming, where you just need to find the right day to cook because the Citizens swam the cook house like a plauge of Locusts so quickly you have to get tactical food deliveries to do it after completing the other Tasks… I feel like it would have been much better if you had to have 0 hungry people once all the Refugees have arrived and idk had to have a trade deal with hot spring for a stable food supply??? Either way this path was just kind of Meh at best and annoying at worst.

Then Telling New London we would help was a different story, By the time I got the event I was expecting:

  • Some huge ramp up of Anti-Londoners
  • Needing to set up a bunch of trade routes to connect Other Settlements to London
  • A new Storm or some kind of troubling Weather (I was watching the Weather bar like a Paranoid Hawk at the end)
  • Having to build a safe Road to them like with other settlements

What we got:

  • Send them some Steel,
  • Send some Steam cores
  • Send some Food
  • Send some Coal

I had more than 6,000 Coal so that was easy, I had 66 people with nothing better to do than mine and shovel coal for most of my run, so the Child mines were useless to me. The food came just as soon, I just had to wait for 2 shipments to come in and cook some soup. Then it was just a matter of pressing play and watching the steel count go up for a bit, then job done? like nothing else… no power struggle, no 'They lied to you', just 'GG, city saved'. I least I felt like a bit of a better person with this ending, seeing as you save like 400 more people, but still not that satisfying… It was just the Arcs scenario with some new spicy mechanics.

Overall, towards the end of the scenario, I'd have a workforce with nothing better to do than gather Coal, because only 20 guys can go into a gigantic warehouse that's the focus of the game??? It has 0 management to it beyond 'You wanna Wood beams?' every few days.

ITS A MILITARY STOCKPILE! Throw in some more Danger! something like crates of Ammo nearly exploding or even citizens who are Pro-London and Anti-London getting armed and ready for a fight. Maybe even throw in a War with London and other factions to guarantee a steady flow of resources, Let me help london by the good of my heart, or let me conquer it at the barrel of a gun.

Any way, I really enjoyed my time playing (there's a reason I played it for 10 hours straight), and balancing exports to imports was a really interesting way to run a colony! But overall, I just was expecting a little more from the ending after playing the last Autumn, maybe the best DLC I've ever bought, and as its the last in this games lifespan, I was just a little disappointed.

But hay, what do you guys think?

TLDR: Was hoping to bring New London to its Knees with the weaponry from the military warehouse, Ended up having to send some Coal and Soup, 5/10

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