On The Edge is a bad dlc.

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I probably mentioned this earlier. The problem with 11bit is they're too small of a dev studio to provide high-quality content. They simply have too much to work on: console edition, different shops on PC (I heard Windows Store had its dlc version delayed) and other games. I guess this is why some issues – like bad performance on high-end PC – were never sorted out, and why we won't see modding tools despite pre-release and post-winterhome stream announcements; the manpower just isn't there.

Having said that, let's take a look on On The Edge. The gameplay consists of 2 parts – I'll talk about it later. DLC seems great at first glance, with a new mechanic introduced: communication with New London. Here's the first problem: it's a bare-bones mechanic. You can request resources and workes, and that's pretty much it. For whatever reason, I couldn't ask them for new laws. I could get them, when a pop-up (you know, the one that tells you about events) appeared on the screen. I once needed a new law, so I got it by a notification; the thing is, game decided I need one more law after a few hours, and in spite of accepting it, I didn't get it – because they forgot to remove the timer from the base game that allows you to get new laws after a day or so. So that was it; I couldn't ask deliberately for this law, and game couldn't give me a pop-up again. Overall it seems like a strange decision, not to let you ask for laws – not for a specific one, but just for some.

You start pretty much as always: some buildings, some resource gathering. Food begins to be a problem very soon, and you quickly run out of other resources, so a new 'mechanic' appears: settlements. I use >>''<< as what settlements do is they provide you with an option to:

  1. Request resources.
  2. Send resources.
  3. A lot of mini-events when you make a decision; those are funny to read, despite having rather minor influence (you either make them not like you or due to outcome you send more resources).

When they like you, you can ask… for more resources. When they don't, you can't.


And here is the weirdest thing about On The Edge. During the second part of the game, you don't develop your settlement. There's plenty of non-working people, because there's no place to work. I literally spent half of the game, pressing:

  1. Request wood.
  2. Request food.
  3. Send resources.
  4. Apply emergency shift + wooden booster.

Guys, this is it. You spend most of playing time in this dlc, pressing buttons over and over again so you can send more resources and receive more, so you can send even more. There's no depth in it. You just press button, receive, send. When you send, your allies become bigger, meaning they now need even more resources. It took me about 5 hours to finish this dlc, and half of it was pressing request-send-shift.

And the timer, guys. The timer.

One the biggest problem with Frostpunk – for some I guess it's a pro rathen than a con – is there's always the timer. Every campaign mode but Endless is limited. You can't achieve your goals when you want to; you always have this timer, forcing you to rush. I was disappointed just after the game release that this is how they handled with keeping the game difficult. They did nothing with it in the course of those 2 years. It would be nice to have 1 campaign that makes you rush, but not all of them.

Overall, I didn't like this DLC. There's nothing in it that actually adds something to the game. There's no treasure in the warehouse, no artifacts, no lore behind it. It's just a new map and a few rushed gameplay mechanis that don't really live up to the expectations. Also, 'Reconquest'. I bet they wanted to make this DLC to be something else, something bigger, but they just realized they couldn't. So here it is, guys. A small dlc, definitely not worth a buy if you don't have a season pass, and if you do you get it anyway.

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