On the Edge Survivor Mode Tips

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For those who are struggling with survivor mode for OTE, here's some helpful tips that can help you complete it.

  1. Get workshop ASAP and research brazier first. This is the only way I found that could prevent my city from being overwhelmed with sickness.
  2. Get extra wood by deleting roads. You should be able to get 20 wood if you follow this picture. Note the short road to leave between the red and pink so you can still connect to your transport.

  1. Before day 2 starts, you should have 2 medical tents and 3 gathering posts. Location of gathering posts:
    1. One near beacon to harvest all ruins around it
    2. Two for the 2 wood/coal piles next to your center
  2. Send scouts to explore southeast of your city first. The 2nd location finds a nice stash of wood/steel (around 50 each) which you can bring back to help your city build the Admin and Transport buildings to establish contact with New London.
  3. Build tents around your gathering posts. Braziers should be able to cover 6-8 small buildings if positioned correctly. This will help keep the number of sick people low.
  4. First thing to do from New London is ask for food so your people don't starve.
  5. Build an extra medical tent for the incoming children, since will be sick when they first arrive.
  6. Emergency shift the Workshop and Army Warehouse whenever possible if content is low enough. Don't forget to ask New London to help dispose of the dead when the scripted death happens.
  7. Find Hot Springs asap and ask for food once you establish contact. Afterwards, just keep waiting till you have high favour to ask for a lot more food (60).
  8. Ask New London for more workers when you can, so children can start working.
  9. Don't look for other survivors until after you establish Hotsprings connection, or else you will starve
  10. Establishing safe route to Hotsprings for consistent food is mid game priority.
  11. Developing Children's mine was my lowest priority since a steam coal thumper and 4 gathering posts could generate enough coal for my city and more. I basically only asked for steel from Children's mine whenever my favour was high enough

I feel like the most important part early game is to prevent your people from getting sick, which is why establishing the gathering post, medical tents, tents, and braziers are so important.

End game I didn't even have to upgrade the tents, since I researched braziers to heat 2 levels. I also had 3 infirmaries with overcrowding, and that was able to keep up with people who got sick due to it being cold at home.

Hopefully this helps if you're attempting to complete survivor mode!

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