On the Edge – What it could have become

frostpunk 2 - On the Edge - What it could have become

I feel more and more disappointed as I think about the countless missed opportunity of this scenario. They villainized the protagonist city of the original scenario (New London), that the player fought and cared for. This is a very cheap trope in my opinion, and it went further than that by giving no choice in siding with New London after problems start to arise, demolishing two core concepts of the game: choices and purpose.

This is my take of what OTE could have been.

As soon as I've started the scenario I immediatly felt that no purpose laws will be a huge step back but first I was hopeful that the only adaptation laws could be intereating as well, given New London controls them. The mechanic behind it quickly faded away just like my interest as the game progressed. There was… no purpose. Not for me, not for the people of the outpost. There should have been a major breaking point, like in the main scenario when Winterhome's fate is revealed.

The leader of outpost 11 should have been given the choice to either side with New London, pushing through the hard times with sheer determination and with the love of their city. Or side with "themselves" and leave New London to its sorrowful fate. Purpose laws would have been different, reflecting these paths, containing laws that are similar to the ones in TLA boosting the working force and such, so neither Order or Faith has to become canon.

The gameplay was already their for it:


If you side with the struggle of New London, you have to seek out help for them and unite the frozen wasteland under its banner. If you decided to leave them, you have to seek out help for your own good. The new settlements would have differing opinions based on your affiliation with New London. Hot Spring would be neutral as the first Settlement, the convicts would hate you if you serve New London and the children from the coalmine would hate you if you let New London to its fate.

Crossing the line would mean conquest:

As the hope bar turns to black and those that were against your rule are silenced forever, you can forcefully join all your Settlements without minding about their opinions of you… as you are in the possession of a Military Warehouse. You may choose to push further, aquire a militia and enforce a dictatorship on the Settlements to squeeze out everything they have in order to save New London. Or to enforce your rule on New London by their aid and eventually march into its crumbling remnants and claim it as your own.

Ideal and Bad endings:

Ideally you don't want to build your own army and rule with fear, so the Golden Path would be eventually helping everyone, no matter where you sided. The Bad ending is that by the power of fear and the guns of the old world, you made all the settlements into slaves and you either caused New London to thrive atop of them or you marched into the city yourself and did the same.

Thank you for your attention.

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