On the Edge’s Gameplay Infodump

frostpunk 4 - On the Edge's Gameplay Infodump

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New Buildings:

  1. The warehouse interface can be initially seen at 1:14. In this interface, we can see it "extracts" steel initially and it requires 3 parameters to work. The three parameters are: 1. orders from New London, 2. at least 1 worker, 3. adjacent to street. It can hold a maximum of 20 workers and/or engineers. The warehouse is initially blocked off with a steel wreckage that requires to be cleared before a road can be built. At 5:26, we can see that it can also be used to extract steel, steel + steam cores or steam cores.
  2. Braziers: This one is not really a new building since it was in TLA but I'm gonna qualify it as one since its not in the main game. Since Outpost 11 doesn't have a generator, it will need heat somehow. Braziers cost 10 steel and burn 3 coal/hour to create a small heating zone around it.
  3. The transport depot: The transport depot is where resources are exchanged between the various settlements. We can see at 0:09 that some kind of steam lorry is used to haul stuff on the slope so this should be the truck depot for those. At 4:29 we can see that there will be incoming and outgoing shipments. The only outgoing shipment shown was steel and steam cores going towards New London. I'd assume New London will set deadlines or requests that you need to follow in order to gain their favor. It also shows several incoming shipments from New London and Hot Springs. It is as of yet unknown whether these are regularly sent or if they are sent only on request. At 4:31 we can see a construction team. I assume this is a road construction team. According to the achievement list that has been revealed, it talks of safe routes. I think construction units are used for those.
  4. Administration: Briefly seen at 4:33. This looks like the place where communications with other settlements are held. You can see the population, favor and relations with said settlement. At 4:34, we can briefly see a trade request from the Hot Springs settlement that exchanges wood and steel for food. At 4:43, we can see that Outpost can ask New London for resources, food, wood steel and humans. In the gameplay video, it shows that New London may pass laws for you in order to help you alleviate problems. In the video, they passed the child labor law. There was also a brief glimpse of housing

The Political System:

  1. Apparently, Outpost 11 cannot pass laws individually (at least in the beginning). All laws would have to be passed in New London.
  2. As previous mentioned, New London may pass laws to help Outpost 11 instead of sending actual resources (those stingy bastards).
  3. Outpost 11 may request resources from other settlements at the cost of favour.
  4. Other settlements may also require help from Outpost 11. At 4:18, we can see that Hot Springs indicated that they would be grateful if Outpost 11 can help with housing and healthcare.
  5. I assume there will be some other tree in the book of laws but it was not revealed in the gameplay video.

Let me know if I missed anything.

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