Plans for Merchandise?

Frostpunk screen 1024x576 - Plans for Merchandise?

First – I am a reddit noob… this might be posted the wrong place?

Short version:

I bought the game without knowing much, and didn't expect it to be one of the best games i've played all time. I like the art style of the game and would like to buy the art book, but i've already bought the game. So i would hear if there is any plans on selling the art book as a stand alone item? and will you release the soundtrack – and if you do, will it be on vinyl?


Hi. I saw the commercial for Frostpunk on steam: liked two things about it 1. It was steam punk (a, imo, far to underused genre) 2. It was a city builder, and i needed something i could relax and shut my brain off to, saw a short tutorial.. decided i liked the style and the interface… so i pocked my head into the rabbit hole and damn i fell in deep. I dont not expect it to be an immersive, challenging flow game… played 22h out of 48.. and i even had to take care of my baby girl. (not much sleep)

The game gave me some of the most challenging decisions to make since i played Banner Saga.. where you jeopardy lives vs resources.. and ways to keep people content while doing whats moral best.


Also my first play though of "A New Home" i scraped my ass above the waterline, every time you got the situation under control a new crisis hit. I felt i went through the whole play "putting out fires". First stabilizing with all the survivors. Second: the Londoners. Third: the storm refugees and then the coming of the storm… all this while the score ramps up in epicness.. and then.. the fight for survival during the storm. I exhausted my people working (so many 24h shifts) to keep the boiler running (i had multiple shutdowns), and upgrading the bunkhouses(should i use my sparse metal to upgrade heating tech or houses?)… The last two days of the storm i had 2 days to lower discontent 25% 3 days to do triage and 40 people freezing to death on one night. I didn't know the campaign would end after the storm.. so i had to overheat everything to get content down to 75% and sacrifice a boiler (a child seemed to risky) to get through it… But i won… just barely. – without a single steam tech… and only the one mech from the bridge.

This game is on my top 10 lists of games.. and probably the best game i've played this year!

I love the artwork, and i love the soundtrack!

When i went on to search for an Art Book or Vinyl of the OST i noticed you can buy a "collectors edition" and get the art book + the game.. and was wondering if you've ever thought of making the book available as a stand alone merchandise? – i mean.. i already bought the game once. And please! make the soundtrack available on Vinyl.. it deserves no less than to be blasted out on my stereo, and a place on the shelf with other epic game scores.

sorry for the long post.. but i'm just really ecstatic about my experience.

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