Possible solution to building sizes / aesthetics?

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I know a number of people have been complaining about the amount of effort required to get a compact village in the game, but solutions I've seen (like manually adjusting building size) could make it hard for more casual players, and always using the smallest size could be rather frustrating towards making a good looking city.

I propose, instead, adjusting the system that calculates building sizes to favor smaller building sizes where possible, by having it start with the smallest building size, checking how many of that building could fit in the ring between said building and its nearest obstacle (such as a road or other building), then taking however much space would be left and dividing it by the number of buildings that would fit, and adding it to the building being placed. For buildings in the "open" that may need the calculation done on both sides, it may work best to only consider the side with the nearest obstacle. Additionally, instead of allowing it to wrap completely around to itself, it might be worth setting a limit for how far out it'll calculate, such as a 90 degree arc.


In any case, doing something like this would mean that, if you take two houses next to each other on the innermost ring, and do roads straight out from there, you'd automatically get 3 houses in the second row, 4 in the third, and five in the 5th, without having an awkwardly wider house in the middle. If you limit the arc, it still rewards planning, but significantly cuts down on the tedium of setting up a compact arrangement.

Just my two cents on the situation.

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