[Possible spoilers] My tips for Winterhome survivor mode

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I figure since I did it, I should share some of things I did to help get over the hump of that first discontent/hope target.

  • Don't turn the generator on immediately, assign people to workplaces first. Let discontent build until the people threaten to revolt, then turn the generator on. After fully staffing all buildings, discontent should go below the revolt threshold and net you a little free hope.
  • Reduce the generator range to level 2, save a little coal.
  • Research extra scouts, send your first ones towards the dreadnought, or the destinations clockwise of it and follow the path until you run out. You should find some food, which you'll need by the time the scouts get back.
  • First law should probably be radical treatment.
  • Build a steam hub near the cold medical posts, then tear down any tents that aren't in that area or an existing heat zone. We don't want anyone living or working in the cold, better they be homeless for a bit. Plus, we want high discontent for now.
  • Later, tear down the tents in that area and build more medical posts.
  • Build hunter huts ASAP.
  • Overdrive immediately so people can gather from the buildings directly. Focus on the inner 2 rings and the wreckage blocking the second steelworks location, the gathering post spots next to the coal thumper, and one coal mine location.
  • By the time overdrive is a bit over half full you should have stopped gathering directly and be using gathering posts exclusively, so people don't get sick in the cold.
  • Seriously focus on getting food. Recall scouts who have it when you can.
  • Send the second scouts towards the weathermen, but don't call them up yet; you'll need the forecasts to hit the warmth promise to get more hope.
  • Do consider recalling the automaton. If you're reading my tips you won't be fully upgrading that dreadnought on survivor mode anyway.
  • Do recall the explorers.
  • With your extra engineers, build infirmaries and more workshops. I ended up with 4 infirmaries and 6+ workshops.
  • 2nd law, consider overcrowding, just to keep more people from dying until you can build the aforementioned infirmaries.
  • Next laws should probably be overtime. You want to run people up to maximum discontent because every time you can calm them down after threatening revolt, you get hope. Plus, resources.
  • 4th/5th law must be your hope-building tree of choice. I went with churches and built 4 to cover the middle 3 rings, then a few extra for the other locations people were living, until I had 99.9% coverage (for some reason, 1 guy was still not living near a church).
  • Make sure you fully clear the 1st ring, including the 2 existing bunkhouses and any streets, before building tents in there. Otherwise you'll end up with an inefficient spacing. Do the same with 2nd and 3rd ring.
  • Consider building a hothouse and putting the automaton from the bridge on duty there.
  • Don't forget to rebuild the 2nd cookhouse you moved from the middle, nor the public house.
  • Get flying hunters early, possibly 2nd.
  • When building your 3rd ring of houses around the generator, space some arenas around it to help lower discontent.
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Basically the key point is to stop people from dying of sickness or hunger. So long as you keep running discontent high then easing off when the threat of revolt happens, and you keep doing achievable missions (e.g. avoid doing the 'feed everyone' mission since even with full stores of rations and no scouts in the field, somehow 10+ people forget to eat), and you keep hitting the faith or order building active abilities whenever possible, it's pretty easy to get hope up to 50% and discontent below 25%.


And once that's done, the rest is a cakewalk. Provided you're happy to settle for a half outfitted dreadnought for 500 people.

They're probably all gonna die anyway, after all.

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