Pretty interesting opening on map 1 hard

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Yo frosties. I was going for better than london on first map on hard (probably would have gone for it on map 2 but i wanted negotiator and golden path aswell) so obviously tech rush like theres no tomorrow.

First day everyone on wood beside 8 on coal and 5 on steel try to pick locations all close to eachother so the gathering hut finishes faster you just want 10 steel for 2 tech buildings and like 100 coal for turning the generator on or people die overnight.

Pick 24 hour shift when work is over build 2 tech 1 med and 1 hut near the 2 wood 1 steel node you didnt use. as soon as first tech is done use 24h shift and start researching tech upgrade. Keep in mind the required steel and wood to never stop researching. 2nd law is extended shift obviously then i go for soup and overcrowding cause youll need it. After tech upgrade is done start bunkhouse.

Now comes the interesting part. I said well screw it and went for vegetarian aswell its doable cause you start with 1 core. Do the math but the hothouse alone feeds 82 people on extended shift with soup.

You need to keep building gathering huts and research heaters after hothouse then sawmill cause youll finish the wood.


I see a lot of streamers sending people to collect resources when its cold never do it just use gathering huts with heater on. Before the first major 2 level temperature drop it is possible to have 8 bunkhouses 1 hothouse and 1 cookhouse (make sure you research heaters or they'll stop). This sets you extremely well in to the next paths because you'll have cold workplaces (sawmill and gathering posts) while keepijg generator on power 1 throughout the 2 level temp drop thus minimizing the coal needs of your crater.

This is extremely good for workforce aswell it takes 10 workers to feed 80 people opposed to 30 for hunters.

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You'll need to scout towards the broken automaton aswell the small drawback is that when you bring in more duds you'll need a second hothouse thus once you rescued the first group get to that automaton and dismantle it you need ze cores and the automaton in useless at this stage.

Im currently near the storm phase in this playthrough went for no steam hub achievement and unskilled labor aswell should be doable. Just not while rescuing everyone cause you cant house 685 people or w/e it was without hubs and have them survive, also because there's no need of labor aswell because automatons do it all.

You want tesla outpost and iron outpost asap to keep the iron coming as 2 basic steel mines wont supply you with the neeeded steel for automatons spamming.


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