Project: Reconquest Chapter One


Jonathan stared into the dark white abyss, they had gone a long way since the frost hit, however, the storm nearly led his people to their extinction. Most buildings had some structural damage, but that wasn't really a problem, they had a huge surplus of resources, the real problem was food.

No plants or fauna could survive that low temperatures, could they?

Jonathan was left pondering over this, until….



'Oh right, the morning gathering, I have my announcements for today' Jonathan thought. He hurriedly gathered the papers on his desk and quickly ran. He needed to get there in time.

"I am coming James, get ready and go line everyone up" Jonathan shouted

"Yes sir!" Squeaked James.

Jonathan had thought about their survival all night, even though everyone was tired at this point, and were sleeping soundly all night, Jonathan had been working on overdrive all night, he had plans.

Big plans.

Before he could enact them, he had to inform his people.


"MORNING GATHERING BEGINS SOON!" roared the speakers, everyone stared forward, waiting for their familiar brown haired captain to show up. He had usually never been this late before, they were slowly getting more and more worried by the second.

"Welcome to the morning gathering everyone!" Exclaimed Jonathan

The tension on everyone's faces quickly melted away.


Jonathan continued "It's been a hard journey, we've survived countless cold nights, we've received amputations and prosthetics, we've worked for hours on end, we've even built huge automatons, yet this storm…"

Jonathan climbed the ladder up to his podium, resting on the generator.

"It has been the worst it could ever get! Things won't get better unless we try, so, even though our survival has been secured, there has to be countless other generator sites, we only knew of Winterhome…"

Everyone had gone deathly quiet… not even blinking.

"We don't know what happened to them, but we survived, who says others haven't! That's why, I am announcing a project that may very well change the frostlands, The Earth and maybe even the course of history…"

Shocked reactions and gasps came from the audience,

"Something… that might change the Earth!" whispered an engineer

"I don't know what Captain Jon is talkin' about, but it sounds big" whispered a worker

Whispers started coming out from everywhere as people were confused and excited to hear what their Captain had to say.

"Quiet people" screamed Harry, a well known guard, known for his fury and sense of justice.

"I am announcing… Project: Reconquest!"

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