Proposed Frostpunk mechanics that would make the game better

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Frostpunk is a great game, but it requires a lot of tedious micro-management at the harder levels. A lot of this micro doesn't require any skill and could be easily automated.

Assign workplace priorities

Citizens get sick and can't go to work (this is especially a problem in the Refugees). If I have a food shortage and wood surplus, I'd obviously want my healthy citizens working in the hothouses rather than the wall drill.

Normally I micro by:

  1. selecting the hothouse
  2. firing all the sick citizens
  3. selecting the wall drill
  4. firing all the healthy citizens.
  5. adding citizens to the hothouse (healthy by default)
  6. adding citizens to the wall drill (leftover, so usually sick)

This can get really tedious if I have multiple hothouses.

Instead, I should be able to assign a priority to all workplaces. "High" priority workplaces get healthy workers first, before "Medium" or "Low" priority workplaces. Alternatively, I should be able to assign numerical priorities to individual workplaces. A workplace with priority #1 will get healthy workers before #2, which will in turn get healthy workers before #3, and so on.

Set resource priorities for gathering posts

Let's say wood and steel resource piles are very close to each other. I want the wood immediately but I don't care for the steel. Normally, I create a gathering post such that only the wood is in range. Then I have to dismantle and rebuild the post when I want the steel. It's all very tedious.

Instead, I should be able to tell my gatherers what resource I want them to focus on, and they'll collect that first.

Alert me just before the generator is about to explode


Your advisor warns you the first time your generator is about to explode. Then he doesn't warn you ever again. This has lead to many perfectly good runs being ruined just because I forgot to switch the generator off.

11 bit studios could make the generator ominously hiss, groan, or beep when it's close to exploding. This would alert me to the problem in a non-intrusive way.

A harder difficulty level

I've beat all scenarios on Extreme/survival. I've beat them all with Zero deaths. I've done Golden path, kilns-only, no child labor, etc. variations of survival runs. I need something more challenging to keep me entertained.

EDIT: added more stuff based on comments:

Variable heaters

There are 3 levels of heating for a building (the thermometer icon). Once you research a level-2 heating, all buildings go to that heat level by default, and burn more coal. It's impossible to heat a building at level-1 after researching level-2.

I can toggle the generator to whatever heating level I want, and I should be able to toggle heaters in the same way.

Foreman indicator

It's annoying having to scan through all my workplaces and toggle Foreman every 2 days. There should at least be an indicator above every workplace to show which ones are ready for a new foreman, and which ones still need a cooldown.

Extended-shift indicator

Same as Foreman. I want an indicator that shows me the status of every workplace (whether extended shift is on or off). It will sae me the trouble of clicking every workplace and checking the toggle individually.

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