[PSA] Gathering Posts are well worth it. Doubling worker efficiency!

1680 1024x576 - [PSA] Gathering Posts are well worth it. Doubling worker efficiency!

I'm seeing comments of people saying they don't use gathering posts because they don't think they are worth it. They are:

On normal:
Coal Pile: 15 workers = 18 coal per hour = 1.2 coal per hour per worker
Gathering Post: 10 workers = 24 coal per hour = 2.4 coal per hour per worker
On hard:
Pile: 15.3/h = 1.02/h/worker
Post: 20.4/h = 2.04/h/worker

On hard with the gathering upgrade:
Pile: 17.9/h = ~1.2/h/worker
Post: 23.5/h = 2.35/h/worker

Especially at the beginning, where resources are low and you have few workers, they practically DOUBLE your work force. Building gathering posts should be the very first thing you do in every game.

edit:Don't forget to dismantle gathering posts when they are done. You get back 12 wood + 4 steel. Making the gathing post ONLY cost 3 wood + 1 steel


edit 2:

I did some more calculations:
Having 2 coal piles + 1 steel pile in range of a gathering post gives you 14.3 coal/h + 1.3 steel/h with 10 workers.
To get 1.3 steel directly from the pile you need 5 workers.
To get 14.3 coal directly from piles you need 14 workers.
So with this gathering post you get almost double efficiency: 10 workers for what normally 19 workers would be needed.

Other case: 2 wood piles + 1 steam core pile + 1 coal pile: Gathering post with 10 workers:
Wood: 2.4/h
Coal: 6.1/h (but no steam cores. you never end up getting any)

This equals 7 workers for wood and 6 workers for coal, so 13 workers in total. You still have 1.3x the efficiency.

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