PSA: You can force the game to make buildings smaller using roads, allowing for more buildings per ring

1680 1024x576 - PSA: You can force the game to make buildings smaller using roads, allowing for more buildings per ring

When I first started watching prerelease streams I would always get miffed because people weren't really trying to build symmetrically and optimize building space.

When I got the game myself I quickly realized though, that it's actually not that easy because the game goes through great lengths to actively prevent you from building in such a way.

The main problem stems from buildings being able to have different sizes. A building has a default size, but sometimes will be smaller depending on how much space is left, although there is a limit to how small every building can be. Because of the starting depot on the innermost ring, it is basically straight out impossible to build perfectly symmetrical.

However we can use the fact that buildings resize to a degree to at least maximize space utilization, allowing for a significant in crease of living space on each of the 4 rings, to such a degree that even with ~680 inhabitants, there is no need for any living space outside the main 4 rings.

This is in my opionion the optimal build: <

Placing the roads correctly is often very tedious and sometimes impossible because the building tool snaps to other roads on the more inner or more outer rings. As long as you don't get snapping, you can usually figure out the right amount of space (it doesn't need to be pixel perfect, there is still some wiggle room), but once there are too many other roads, the snapping makes it impossible to just build the roads how you need them to be.


However, there is a second way to get the building size down. When you place a road a bit farther away so the distance from the next road/building is a bit bigger than the building would usually be, the building will at first get bigger to snuggle up to the road. However, if you build the road still farther away, the building will actually be build in it's smallest size for some reason (I'll try to provide a screenshot of this aswell).

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Combining the two methods (free-placing roads in the right position, or force a building to be smaller by building a road somehwhat away) will allow you to maximize the amount of placeable buildings everywhere, even though I admit that it is often very tedious and time consuming to do until you get it right.

It works with every building as far as I can tell (I also used it to place more Hunting Huts on one of the outer rings) and can also be used to later optimize Infirmary/Medic Post spam.

I hope this is useful for you, if something is unclear or more screens or a save is requested, I'm happy to provide either.

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