Questions & Ideas: Unfiltered dump (comments welcome)

frostpunk 4 - Questions & Ideas: Unfiltered dump (comments welcome)

I enjoyed my time with FrostPunk. Here are some questions/ideas:

-Why can my people make automatons, but not steam cores? What _is_ even a steamcore? We can build automatons. Automatons with advanced computing intelligence. Automatons that can cook food, do research, do fine manipulation in medical facilities, and even build other automatons. But these same automaton making people, can not build steam cores? Why not?

-Speaking of which, why do automatons even step on people? That's a little ridiculous, considering that automatons have excellent vision and fine motor control. Not to mention people can look ways before crossing a street with cars, but can't avoid an automaton leg? Worse comes to worse, elevated ways for people and/or automatons can be built. I wouldn't mind converting existing paths into wooden tunnels, just to protect people from the wind, A bonus would be that automatons wouldn't step on anyone anymore.
-Why do people cut through heavy snow, instead of following the footsteps of others a meter away, that have already cleared the snow?
-Why do hothouses stop working when the ground gets too cold? That seems like a cheap explanation to add a starving effect as a game mechanic. Dirt is easy to insulate and permafrost only goes so deep. In fact, hothouses are overpowered anyway. 90% of one person's diet takes about 50 square feet / 5 square meters of grow space. ONE person takes that much space.
-Where are all of these animals being found that the people are eating? How are these animals not frozen to death? 1 pound of meat requires something around 20 pounds of foilage. What are these animals eating out there? Are hunting parties just finding frozen herds buried out there?
-How are survivors being found after storms? I seriously want to dig into the cave wall to make insulated homes, or use whatever technique these other people are using.
-Where does the water from this melting snow all go?
-At what point does the air become so cold, that lungs are affected? Do the citizens need machines to pre-warm the air before breathing?
-Why can't all buildings be insulated like a house? Put some boards up at work!
-I don't understand steam hubs. Do they need to be fed coal independently of the main generator? Or why can't the generator pump hot water for kilometers? Insulated pipes!
-Why isn't the flu rampant among these people? They are all packed like sardines. And they join their houses together. As with military training barracks, with 80 people living in a room, with 80 people, everyone gets sick. In the summer! Getting sick is generally expected in close quarters, regardless of temperature.
-Why not get a bonus from buildings that join together? Like Supreme Commander. Also, it is sad to see buildings like the tech center, remove their 'joining' bridge when a road goes underneath
-Why are the storage centers so tiny? There are dozens of these storage 'shacks' in the city when really a few large warehouses are needed. Or dig into the crater wall and store stuff, saving building supplies. Which raises the next question…
-Melting ice with wall drills to get to frozen trees, is NOT energy conservative. I understand that a game mechanic for constant wood supply is needed. The supply should dry up as one goes deeper, because it should take longer to go past places where trees have already been removed. Recommendation: Packed earth material for construction. A proven technology, and takes much less energy to make than digging for trees. To illustrate, imagine digging out trees frozen in a lake below you. Just silly.
-There comes a point where it doesn't matter how cold it gets outside. Even if it is 0 kelvin, one will insulate a dwelling and lose heat at a regular rate. The major problem will be ice forming on the walls and not being able to leave the insulated shelter. And air recycling. Basically then it will just be a situation like the vault from the Fallout series.
-Why can another generator not be built? Just in case the first one blows up. Or a better generator made, because obviously the original one has a hard time keeping up during those super storms (which as mentioned before, is ridiculous. Heat does not scale linearly with energy requirements. Insulation matters).
-Burning coal is dirty. That waste air will cool off fast, and black dust will paint the town and snow. Black soot everywhere. Coal dust was a big problem in our world's history. Today's coal power plants have a cleaner burning solution (which involves running the dust through water or other filtration medium, or piping it through storage caverns first).
-Why can't one of those flying hunter blimps be used for the explorers? Or someone build them a steam car!
-Why not build a railway to another town? Steam locomotive! Or automaton caravan!
-There is an option for, "House of Pleasure". Why not forced dating or other services? These people may be the last bastion of humanity. Everyone must do their duty. Big families!
-I'm amazed the amount of 'tonnage' that scouts can carry around, without slowing down. There should be another option to send out 'reclaimers' for previously scouted (and reported?) items. Maybe setup heliograph towers for comms (although if sophisticated automatons are being built, radios are easy)
-While a bit too pedantic, the point of one artifact found, validly said that there was not enough salt. Without a source of salt, a urine recycling plant will have to be setup (alongside fertilizer). Or something.

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-There are 200 people without jobs in the city. I ask for some houses to be built, and who goes to build them? The people who already have jobs! Why? Why does my production falter? Are the 200 idle people mad that they don't have assigned jobs? Kick them out!

Possible future objectives:
-Make other colonies. Build a steamship and have some disgruntled (or curious) survivors set out to start a new home. Possibly include a reset bonus, or have the original city send resources every now and then. Or turn the generator into a PORTABLE generator. A moving city across the ice. Like a giant ship, or giant automaton. Let's travel! Acquire new coal, or start research into new frosty power sources (cold fusion?). Put the city onto the back of a land turtle, or go underwater (where it is warmer!) or go underground (where it is warmer!) or go into space (space isn't cold, that is a misunderstanding. Space is warmer in sunlight!).
-Make a tesla tower to zap snow
-Build an insulated crater dome to stop heat from escaping
-Have other cities try to raid your city (stealing food, people, or just trying to take over). Maybe cities demanding tribute (resources, etc) for 'protection'. Options would be to fight, to submit, or to leave.
-Dig a deep hole to take advantage of the natural heat escaping from the earth (dirt is a great insulator, and one does not have to dig far to reach natural geothermic energy).

-What is the future of the people of Frostpunk? Huddle all their lives in a crater? Or do they want to explore deeper into the crust, or to find out if whatever is wrong with the planet, to fix it? Or is the world going to get SO cold, that eventually even the city will be nonviable?

-Why not shrink current automatons down to man-sized automatons? Who needs people, when we have these super automatons running around? Automatons that can do medical work unsupervised. Westworld + Frostpunk = Robots that don't mind the cold. Robots that don't need food. A soulless city of mindless robots, who do nothing but work and consume resources.

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-The 'New Londoners' was a good split of the people. Do that again, except something to mirror our common times. Like socialism, or elitism (self-proclaimed royalty throwing out the poor and sick), or communism, or fascism (just not with those names). Have a split. And an option to rescue those that were either cut off by the player, or rescue those who left on their own to start a new city. Maybe make them a parasite on your resources.

-If a less-tech and more Lovecraftian theme is desired, summon the old 'gods' (who may be visitors from beneath the earth or from the sky, and were the cause of the dimming of the sun).

-Megaprojects: A college of steam. Large steam powered vehicles. Blowing up a mountain or a glacier or an asteroid (Jules Vern postulated a giant cannon).

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