Refugee Scenario Problem. Not sure if it’s a bug or me.

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So I've been playing the Refugee scenario and I think one of my quests is bugging out. So I was on the quest 'Resolve the Class Conflict' which I successfully completed on Day 25 with time to spare. However after about an hour in-game time, I get told the lords have been enslaved, the scenario ends and it gives me a bad ending. I did it a second time using another save file from the start of Day 25 in case I did something bad without realising it, and got the same result. There are plenty of days left with another temperature drop coming, so this doesn't appear to be the real end point.

I don't understand what I could potentially be doing wrong. Discontent is low, hope is high and most of peoples' needs are satisfied. Again this happens shortly after completing the quest so this kind of thing doesn't happen.

Has anyone else ever reported a similar issue or know what I might be doing wrong?


To try and be specific, here's some further info: – My population is 549 – Everyone has a home with half being liveable / half being chilly – There is plenty of coal – There is plenty of food with enough to spare each day to give rations to the ill – I focused on technology early and am reaping the benefits at this point in the game. – I picked faith in the purpose tree, with a number of churches across town and 1 temple. – I accepted ALL lord refugees, no refugees were ever turned back. – Rescued two additional refugees expeditions. – My healthcare is struggling hard but not enough to raise discontent or lower hope to dangerous levels, in fact my hope is about 55% and discontent is about 20%. My healthcare is the only obvious weakness I can find but it's no where near enough to push it over.

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