Refugees: Hard, NO adaptation laws, no deaths, everyone saved, good ending

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AT LAST. It was a hellish idea, but i finally proved myself that doing a no adaptation law run (on refugees) is possible. The biggest difficulties were the lack of emergency shifts (slowing research by a very large margin) and no extended shifts (which represent basically a 40% increase in all production). I tried doing this way too many times with hunters huts, coal mines and order, but as soon as i switched to hothouses, coal thumpers and faith, i made it. Makes me wonder if either hothouses are underrated or hunters are overrated.

A no law run is by consequence a no death run, since you can't have cemeteries/corpse disposals, and even 1 corpse will kill your entire population (as i painfully found on my first tries). Also, you can't have gravely sick until you research infirmary, since you can't amputate/do palliative care. As such, you have to be extra careful with workplace temperatures.

Research order is also quite funky. Since there are no emergency shifts, researches have to be chosen very sparingly, and the first researches were along the lines of:

1-Faster gathering

2-Drawing boards

3-Wall drill

4-Steam hub



7-Generator power upgrade



10-Coal Thumper

Since the beacon was so late, i feel like i missed some refugees (even though i escorted all refugees and even saved that group against their own will).

To get drawing boards on day 3, wood needs to be heavily focused. I started the game with 23 on wood and 5 on steel, then built a gathering post (on the 2 wood crates), a medical post and a workshop. Then i switched everyone to wood and, on day 2, built 5 houses and stockpiled around 35 wood. When fast gathering finished researching, i started drawing boards and returned 5 workers back to steel. The early wall drill is very nice, since it lasts all game and costs only 1 research.

Coal mines seemed better on paper, but they cost too much research and steam cores. With coal thumpers, i only needed the actual thumpers and the steam version, later. When i tried coal mines, i was running out of coal frequently and had to waste research on its upgrades and generator efficiency. Since you quickly end up with a surplus of workers on this scenario, it's a lot easier to manage your coal with thumpers.


Hunters hut double-shift is very efficient, but soon demands a lot of space and/or more research. Also, a lot of people used to get sick while going hunting. Since we're not using mines, hothouses aren't a sacrifice and demand only 2 researches, while hunters huts demand up to 4 (hunters gears, flying hunters, hunting tactics, flying hunters gear). In the end, i was researching the last hothouse tech, but it was not needed.

When the lords start to arrive, in order to keep the sick in check, i needed 2 infirmaries, at the start, and expanded to 7 at the end. Food was also a problem, and i thought i could get by with 3 normal hothouses until i researched the industrial hothouse, but i had to build more 2, since food was running so low.

I also tried many times with order, since i thought foreman would be amazing. However, order doesn't deal with hope and discontent as easily without resorting to prisons (which take away workers) and propaganda centers (which may or may not interfere with the ending. With 3 houses of prayer it was possible to basically cover all houses, and with all 4 "event buttons" (nighttime procession, evening prayers, etc.) it was actually very easy to end the game before the temperature dropped even more. Also shrines, which you get much earlier than agitatores, were a nice boost.

Since i wouldn't take any adaptation laws, i started day 1 with faith laws and got a new one everytime if was possible. Even though i failed all requests to build the structures, the penalties are only temporary, and since you're not rising discontent with shifts, it's okay to take that hit.

So, that's basically it. I recommend this challenge to anyone who thinks the game is easy and/or is bored of the traditional scenarios. It feels incredibly rewarding once you manage to do it. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.

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