Refugees: Hard, no deaths, no child labor

Frostpunk screen 1024x576 - Refugees: Hard, no deaths, no child labor

Alternately titled: "How to be the most hated Bleeding-Heart savior of mankind."

I went into this scenario with these goals:

  • Hard
  • No Deaths
  • No child labor
  • "Equality" ending
  • Not crossing the line.
  • Not using the hunter reassignment trick/exploit

Man, it was tough. I'm not sure I could repeat it reliably. Thoughout the entire thing, the generator often shut off for a few hours a day, the people threatened to overthrow me at least three times, people were constantly starving, sick, and cold…but I did it. It took so many tries it's not even funny.

So, here's how I did it. First, General thoughts:

  • Tech is super important early, (Act 1), but after that balance it out with medical facilities. You need to keep Tech on extended hours the entire scenario.
  • You're not really going to be able to place child shelters. They're too expensive, there's far too many children, and there is so little space that it's better used for other things.
  • Coal is going to be a constant problem, and your generator is going to shut off quite often. Do it in a controlled manner. If you try to solve your coal problem too much, you're going to fall behind in other productions.
  • Everyone is going to live in a tent. Sorry guys.
  • "Cold" is the new "Chilly." For all other scenarios, keeping people at chilly or above is important. You just don't have the resources for that luxury. However, if you go below Cold you're going to have problems.
  • The House Squeezing trick is pretty much necessary.
  • When building, make sure that people get to work first before starting a building project. You absolutely cannot let them waste time by building during working hours.
  • It's more important for scouts to get resources to your city than it is to be efficient with them wandering the wilderness.

Alright, so, the first 10 days are the worst, and probably walk along the razor's edge the entire time.

  1. Pause. Every minute counts. Sign 24hr. workday. Assign 16 workers to gather wood, and the rest to gathering steel.
  2. Don't turn on the generator during the day. For the first few days, only keep it on at night. You've got to conserve coal. It's fairly warm enough as it is.
  3. Have everyone work into the night. Around 10pm or so, pull all the engineers off of gathering steel–you need them to build.
  4. Build in this priority: Workshop->medical tent->cookhouse.
  5. Your law priority should be: 24 hr->14hr->soup. Then either Overcrowding path, or Moonshine path. Both need to be done quickly. Don't worry about the children: you can't afford a child shelter yet anyway.
  6. Your medical tent needs to be on the first ring, and plan your cookhouse so that it will have a steam hub next to it and can have tents in that zone of steam hub heat. Remember: people get sick walking between heat zones.
  7. Assign 5 workers to the Workshop, 3 to the medical tent.
  8. Make sure your workshop is on 14 hr workdays.
  9. When the first survivors come in, have them build a hunter's hut
  10. Your research order is going to be: Faster Gathering, Drawing Boards, Wall Drill, Beacon.
  11. Once your workers empty out the wood piles they are assigned to, assign them straight to the steam core: you need it for the Wall drill.
  12. Build the Wall drill as soon as possible and get it going on a 14 hr day. That should make your wood income less restricted.
  13. You probably need a new medical hut now. Spread your 3 doctors among the two tents: they're pretty much just going to keep the sick alive until more doctors arrive.
  14. You need to be able to build and send out Scouts as soon as the the Beacon is researched. Remember, it's got 20 wood, 35 steel to build, and 40 wood for a scout!
  15. Sorry trapped kids, but the scouts gotta go the other way first. That supply run is more important right now. (Get the kids after that, though)
  16. After that, you need to get Hunter's gear, Heaters, and Steam hubs in the order of your choice.
  17. Things will start to get a bit less restrictive now, but don't let your guard down. You can probably start building tents now, and you will probably need to so you aren't overthrown.
  18. You'll need to build one or two more hunter's huts. Staff them as you are able.
  19. Your next problem is going to be coal. Build a gathering station around the coal and get people harvesting it. You're not going to stockpile any coal, but it'll keep you afloat for a while.
  20. Get a thumper and gathering stations setup. You're going to slowly fill them up with workers as they come in.
  21. Try to get a new scouting party out.
  22. You'll probably need to build a care house now to house the gravely sick. Be very careful about this: I've had a lot of people die on their trip from the medical tents to the care house. Overdrive is a good option to make sure they survive the transfer.
  23. Try to research improved medicine and smaller hunting parties.
  24. Cold is coming in soon, get that generator powered up.
  25. Get steel production going.
  26. Get an infirmary up and running.
  27. Get an outpost party going to the coal mines.
  28. You probably can start switching from Soup to regular food now.
  29. You also probably need to be speccing into the Order tree to make sure you aren't overthrown, and as a way to disperse the crowd when they come rioting to you to heat their pitiful tents.
  30. Make sure you can provide enough heat (and coal) to places to keep things at least at cold.
  31. About now you really can start to let off of the pedal on research and switch over to health. Infirmaries are really important. A good portion of the second act I had 3 infirmaries. I think I ended the game with 6-7.

After that, the game opens up a bit. It doesn't become "easy", but there's a little more room for error.

One note:

If you build a prison, keep an eye on the inmates. They're probably going to get sick, at which point you need to turn off the prison so they can go get medical attention (people will freak out, but they calm down as soon as you turn the prison on.)

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