Refugees on Extreme, deathless – without child labor, soup/sawdust or canning workshop

frostpunk 2 - Refugees on Extreme, deathless - without child labor, soup/sawdust or canning workshop

Possible by rushing Hothouse on day 2 which also makes the level a bit easier. I'm curious how the build could be further improved.

Day 1 goals are to build a workshop and get 50 wood before ~16:25, as well as 20 wood/10 steel before 06:25 on day 2. This requires dismantling almost all the roads.

To start with put 10 on steel and the rest on wood. Keep switching 4 people between the resources to make them walk around. When they walk past the workshop site take them out of gathering so that they immediately start building – this minimizes "going to build" time. Pausing helps a lot here so not sure if this would be doable on Survivor.

Workshop building starts around 11-12h with up to 4 guys, this should get it done by required time. Five engineers immediately start Drawing boards on Emergency shift. Generator with overdrive starts at 17:15, this results in only 3 sick for first day.

I just barely managed to gather enough resources for Hothouse research on day 2. Fifteen workers will arrive on 12:40, put them on a steam core pile. Gathering rate will be 0,25/hour so at 16:40 they will produce one core and move to wood. Build a Cookhouse, Hothouse, Med post, and a Gathering post so that half of it is inside of generator heat zone.

  • Day 3 – another gathering post, five tents, heaters (unsure if this is required)
  • Day 4 – two gathering posts, four tents, steam hub
  • Day 5 – medical post, two steam hubs, three tents and beacon. Dismantled a gpost to build another
  • Day 6 – barely managed to build the beacon, had 0 wood and steel at the end of day. Without it some of the next day arrivals get lost. Coal thumper research
  • Day 7 – another hothouse, wall drill research
  • Day 8 – built a wall drill with last reserves of wood, steelworks research

For -50C weather I kept overdrive on during work hours (6-20h). Someone here claimed that house temperature matters during whole day – not just during evenings and night. In that case it makes sense to use overdrive during day, when both workplaces and houses can get the extra heat. Can only use it for 6 hours on third day, however. Had 14, 20 and 32 sick in the mornings of day 6, 7, 8.


Laws: Extended shifts, overcrowding and organ transplants are critical, in this order. After that moonshine, foreman and patrol, prioritized by food supply and discontent. Later on prison and care house for story events (peaceful event resolution and for the one lord who gets maimed). Went for equality ending btw. Never used prison activated ability.

First scouts were sent on day 9 but still managed to visit every location before day 23 or so. Discovered coal outpost around day 13 and sent team ASAP. Found the food outpost close to day 20.

Had rather large amounts of sick throughout whole game and noticeable worker shortage, despite prioritizing infirmary and generator power upgrades. This makes techs like industrial hothouse and steam thumper great – not only do they double worker efficiency, they also give +1 to insulation, further preventing sickness. Dismantling a hothouse to build an industrial one is worth it.

Game never mentions this but faster gathering gives only 10% boost to gathering posts – coal gathering with 10 people goes from 18 to 19,8 per hour. This makes it not worth it IMO.

Never built a factory – all the cores went on infirmaries and hothouses.

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