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So I've been deposed on Refugees Survivor so many times I ended up blowing the generator as a last act of defiance the last time… Refugees Survivor mode: how?! What gets me almost every time is the masses of sick (30+) that hit me with that first temperature drop to -50 that lasts several days. After that, it's usually me trying to get people into medical huts whilst my infrastructure is badly crippled. At that point, people dying is a relief, even though it means I'm banished.

I normally have 3 overcrowded med bays up and running by that time, but obviously that isn't enough, as half my peeps get sick and the med bays take 2-3 days to heal them (can't staff them fully due to lack of engineers). How do you guys handle the sick throughout? Given all the essential research that is needed with only 2-3 research posts, no idea when or if to research the infirmary.


On coal: thumpers or coal mine? Have been thumpering but with the masses of sick, my coal output can't keep up.

On food: is there any point at all continuing to play if you don't get the cannery with the 300 meals? Tried to make it past without it, but with the hunter hut work switch patched, it doesn't seem feasible.

Any tips much appreciated!

EDIT: I DID IT! Tempted to say NEVER AGAIN but I'm sure I will want to get a better result. Only let one Lord group in and massacred the rest at the end. Thanks to all for the tips.

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