Refugees Survivor – No Deaths

frostpunk 2 - Refugees Survivor - No Deaths

I finally did it, after more than 20 attempts, I managed to finish the scenario without any deaths, exploring all locations, saving everyone and accepting all the Lords. (I did have to save-scum because of outpoust bug >.<).

Took a while to refine the strategy and the early game is certainly brutal but with enough micro and abusing the game mechanics it certainly can be done.

Research Order: Faster Gathering > Beacon > Heaters > Hunter's Gear > Steam Hub > Sawmill > Steelworks > Coal Thumper > Drawing Boards > Generator Power Upgrade

Laws: Child Labor > Emergency Shift > Extended Shifts > Soup > Radical Treatment > Overcrowding > Fighting Arena >>> Order

First Day: 35 people on wood and 8 people on Steel > Build Cookhouse, Workshop, Medical Post, Tent, 2x Gathering post.

The first two days, turn on the generator at 17:12 (45 mins to turn on), and activate Overdrive, Turn off the generator at about 7:30 in the morning. This should severly limit the number of sick people you get.

You should get about 3-4 sick people in the first day and about the same on the second. Restart if any of the engineers falls ill since you really need them.

Use Emergency Shift on Workshop at 2:08 (As soon as you sign the law), keep 5 engineers working there until the ability expires then move two of them to medical post.

On the second day, put your workers in the gathering posts and the children on the steel pile, micro sick people out of heated buildings. As soon as the first group arrives assign them to gather wood, after a bit move the children from steel to wood and assign two of them to the cookhouse, when they finish use the deconstruct-pause exploit to stop people that aren't starving from eating your food. (This is a huge problem)

You should have enough resources to build: Hunter's Hut, 6x Tents, 2x Gathering Posts. Try to free up some people early so they can build everything before midnight, or else you will get too many sick people.


From the third day onward, focus on housing incoming people and keep them from starving and getting sick. also don't neglect research or exploration. Delay saving people from the map until the first cold spell is almost over.

Key elements of the strategy:
Keep the cookhouse operational only when cooking or you have absolutely no food, it's default state should be deconstruct-pause. If you have starving people, make sure to have

a fully staffed cookhouse ready when hunters return with raw food or it will go poof and everyone will starve and die. Do not reassign people while the cookhouse is operational.

Heathers allow you to build Medical Posts/Workshops outside of the main ring so you can delay Steam Hubs. Avoid leaving people homeless for more than a few hours.(After second day)

Use the resources tab to plan your resources for essential buildings every day. If short on wood/steel research tech that does not require additional resources first.

Micro sick people out of vital buildings. Dissmiss all but 1-2 people from the Hunter's hut after they return, Hunters that go out on time, should start building/working after 15:00.

Invest in steel early so you can afford building Bunkhouses. The initial coal piles should last until the end of the first cold spell, make sure you are not unprepared.

Go for Outposts as the first or second T2 research. This will solve your food and wood problems.

Infirmaries are a must when the first group of lords arrives. 100 more people means a lot more sick people even if you keep them relatively warm.

I had better runs than this one but unfortunately I made mistakes later, so there is definently room for improvement and the research order can also be shifted a bit.

I never go for organ translant on deathless run because it wouldn't make any sense. I also liked to avoid Overcrowding but in this scenario it was unavoidable, the law is soo broken, but now I understand why so many new people get the Banished Game Over, I was about to be overthrown about 6 times during the playtrough.

One particular problem I had in this run was that the Canning workshop didn't spawn, I almost gave up when I failed to find it but managed to bring back enough raw food to save the situation.

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